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Saturday, 6 June 2015

How I Get Ready for a Night Out..

It's my friends Birthday tomorrow nigh and I plan on spending the evening preening and pampering myself so I look like a Bebo Stunnah, tomorrow night! I'm always curious to see what other people to do prepare for a big night out, so I thought I'd share what I'm going to be doing tonight to get myself ready for a night on the town!

Night Before
If you're like me and like to plan things well in advance you'll be able to relate to this post. I love being all Dolled up and like to take my time doing so. It always starts with me lighting some candles and choosing a Spotify playlist to listen too (I like the Afternoon Acoustic playlist) and I really unwind and chill. I also probably stick on a chick flick too and maybe a sneaky hot chocolate!
Soap & Glory Scrub
Unfortunately my holiday tan is a thing of the past and I'm absolutely devastated, as girls we all know life can sometimes be better with a tan. I want to prep my skin for applying tan so a scrub is the best way to start. This one from Soap&Glory does the job. I prefer Cocoa Brown "Tough Stuff" but I ran out and had this in my beauty stash so I've decided to give it a go. It's good, not as good as Tough Stuff, but still pretty decent and my skin was feeling nice and soft. I also de-fuzz and shave my legs to make sure they're tan ready!
Sanex Moisturising Bath Cream/Dove Purely Pampering
I picked this up while shopping at the weekend as it was on sale and since I hate paying €3 for Radox when it's always on sale somewhere for €1.50 I went with this Sanex one. Sanex is a brand I've used and they've quite a good deodorant but I hadn't tried their bath products and I'm impressed. My skin always feels really soft after it and the dry patches are becoming a thing of the past. It also produces a lot of bubbles which the inner child in me loves all with being kind to your skin. I paired it again with the offer of the week the Dove Purely Pampering shower cream,which smells lovely!
The Body Shop "Wild Argan Oil"*
The night before I apply some oil to be hair, tie it up in a bun, apply a shower cap and go to sleep. I've been using this solid oil from the Body Shop for quite some time now and it's pretty good! If you want to see my Review check it out (HERE) In the morning your hair looks like you could fry a million eggs on it but that's a good sign! I hop into the shower and wash, rinse and repeat a number of times to make sure all the product has been washed out of my hair and all I'm left with is soft luscious locks that looks healthy and shiny!
 Waxperts Body Oil*
Oh Ma Gawd. Ladies you need this in your life. It's not just for after waxing. I apply it when I'm fresh out of the bath and spritz it all over and then sink into bed with the lovely aroma of lavender. It's honestly such a fantastic product, and I'd so quick to recommend it to everyone and anyone. If you have trouble sleeping at all this will send you straight off! My skin was so soft the next day, ready for my fake tan application!

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Mask*
My skin is acting up as of late and is incredible dry. Whenever I get dry skin spells I reach for La Roche-Posay. I apply this Intense Mask onto my face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then take it off with a warm face cloth and my skin is back to normal!If you're look for something a bit cheaper I use Rescue Oil (The Dealz/Poundland Bio Oil alternative) and apply it all over my face and then go to sleep. Your face looks incredibly oily but you wake up and your skin is soft and subtle and all you need to do is cleanse and your skin is so soft!
Love it or loathe it (I loathe it, I'm too impatient) it's a must for a night out. I always choose to go for an eye popping colour for nights out to be  slightly more daring. I always apply a layer of Essence top coat and the polish lasts at least 3 days which suits me. I'm always typing on a computer at a lightening speed so I'm always used to a few chips here and there so 3 days for me if it's not Shellac or Acrylic is good for me! Don't forget your tootsies as there's nothing worse than chipped toe nail polish!
Morning of:
Normally I'm up early enough and try and go for an intense walk or job to get myself awake (With a hair full of oil!) For me my life is all about balance now and I feel better if I do some exercise so I don't subconscious feel guilty about over indulging later. That way I can enjoy my night and enjoy the 4am pizza too! Before I go out I'll make myself some Slimming World Pizza (One of my all time favourite meals!) I use a Gluten Free B-Free wrap so I'm full but I'm not bloated or feeling uncomfortable. My drink of choice if you're wondering is Vodka&Diet 7-Up ;)
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Dark Tan*
Ladies I've harped on about Cocoa Brown for years all over my social media. As a girl who loves a tan, but doesn't love tan looking fake this tan is a winner. I prefer the 1 Hour Dark pictured here for nights out and the normal 1 Hour for day events. The 1 Hour gives you a nice sun-kissed glow where as the 1 Hour dark gives you a Caribbean enviable tan in less than an hour! It's easy to apply, doesn't smell and is less than €8 a bottle. A huge thumbs up from me! I apply this mainly in the morning and quickly wash it off while I'm washing out my hair!
Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip*
To compliment the tan after I've showered and washed my hair I apply the Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip. It's a non oil based moisturiser so my tan won't go patchy, but my skin will remain soft. It's also fantastic as prolonging the tan and making sure it fades evenly. We've all been there when your fake tans fades and you look like you're a scaly lizard! It also smells lovely too, but not overpowering, so you can apply your signature perfume. Review (HERE)
Organise my Clutch
As much as I try to be organised, when it comes to organising my bag it's like a minefield. I normally bring everything but the kitchen sink with me, but since travelling I've come to my senses a little bit more. All I pack in my clutch is my phone, debit card (and cash), lipstick, hair clips, a hairbrush, some powder and a small bottle of perfume so I can continue to smell nice during the night! I also put an emergency €20 in a pocket somewhere so I don't spend my taxi money on Jagerbombs!
Chose My Outfit:
Okay so I should do this the night before but I'm fickle and I change my mind a crazy amount of times. For me it's also very weather dependant. If it's lashing rain I'll be a lot more likely to opt for skinny jeans and a sexy top over a short sleeveless dress. Ireland is so unpredictable, one minute it's lashing rain and cold and then next you'd swear you were in Spain! Once the outfit is chosen and is weather appropriate it's now time to accessorize. For me it's always a statement necklace, It's become quite my signature!

And then all that's left to do is relax and take my time applying my make up and styling my hair!

Happy Saturday Lovelies!
*Indicates a Gifted Item
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

NYX | Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator Review

So Summer is nearly here for the rest of the world, but just because the sun 'aint shining doesn't mean we can't achieve a glow. NYX is a brand I went crazy for in the States, before it was widely available. It came to our shores last year and it's definitely a welcome change from all the usual budget brands. The price point is good, the quality is good and the choice is generally good. If you haven't yet been acquainted, go forth. You can thank me later. 
Now being honest I'm sure you're all aware I'm not a hardcore beauty blogger. I dabble in it, from time to time as I've an interest in beauty and I'll be the first to admit I've more makeup than the Brown Thomas beauty hall but there's a gazillion beauty blogger out there who are constantly writing about the nearest product, but most of the time I can't afford it and I can't  You guys know me well enough now to know, I only feature products if I bloody well love 'em. So when these beauties landed in my post box I was intrigued. After coming back form travelling I'm in search of a glow as the Irish weather has made my tan a very distant memory.  I'm  back to being mistaken for Caspar the ghost- you can judge yourself on whether or not I'm a friendly ghost! These Born to Glow Liquid Illuminators * are a nifty little product and I was pretty impressed!
They come in two colours "Gleam"* which is a gorgeous pearly pink colour and aptly named "Sunbeam"* which is a gorgeous bronze colour. At the moment I love mixing the two colours together. They're incredible versatile. They're meant to be worn under your foundation after you've cleansed and gone through the rigmarole that is your morning skincare routine (I'll give you an insight into mine if you'd like) It blends in effortlessly and is a great base for your foundation. When worn under your foundation it gives you a gorgeous subtle glow, so you can totally wear this during the day. I know a few people are a bit funny about wearing highlighter during the day, as it can look a little too made up for work etc. This is perfect for you folk - especially Gleam! 
These products aren't just one trick ponies however, there's so many different ways that they can be used. You can use them over your foundation to highlight your cheekbones, your cupid bows, the arch under your eyebrows and even your dècollitage. It literally illuminates your skin giving you the ever so coveted luminous look. The best part? It doesn't cost an arm and a leg. At €9.49 each you can pick up two with little to no guilt, like how often do you get change from €20 from a highlight product - that actually works.  It's a win-win situation! Now the question is where to buy these babies? Good news is they're in pharmacies nationwide. If you don't have any luck with your nearest pharmacy Sam McCauley's have a good selection on their website

 Anyway I'll be back tomorrow with a new travel post! 

*Indicates a gifted item
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sun Kissed Make Up Look

If you're looking to revamp your makeup look, stay with me! Now I know I'm not a makeup artist or anythaaaang, but I do like a good lippy and I do love looking sun-kissed so I put together this look for y'all. It's so easy, takes no time at all and best of all? It's a mix of both high street and high end products.
I'm a high-street girl at heart so my base is always Rimmel "Wake Me Up" foundation. I've sworn by this for a number of years and I've yet to find a high street foundation that does the job as good. It suits my skin, it blends wonderfully and for €10.99 you really can't go wrong. If you've tried it and it didn't suit try the Rimmel "Perfect Match" I find either one or the other works for most people. Under my foundation I mixed the NYX "Born to Glow" Illuminator in Gleam* and Sunbeam* together and applied it to a freshly cleansed face. I really loved this product. I gave me a lovely healthy glow and my foundation sat wonderfully on top of it.
To give me more of a sunkissed glow I added bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, my temples and along the side of my nose, being sure to blend, blend, blend. Contouring is a tricky business so make sure to keep blending, even when you think you're done, blend some more! Instead of adding a pink blusher as I added a coral blush as it's warmer and suited the look I was going for. This one is from Sephora and it's in the shade "Coral Flush". To add a further glow to my cheeks I wore Seventeen "Instant Glow" in the colour "Gold Bronze" it's honestly so good and for €6.49 it's a bloody steal! 
I filled in my eyebrows with "Browzings"*. I've tried the cheaper  alternative by Sleek and although it was good, the wax on Browzings is amazing. However if you're on a budget the Sleek Eyebrow Kit still does the job! I'm just a bit obsessed with my eyebrows. I get them waxed on a regular basis by Benefit in their Benefit Boutique on South William St! I'm also a huge fan of Benefit's "Gimme Brow" which is great if you want to fill in your eyebrows, but still like keeping the natural look! You can see my review of the it HERE.

For my eyeshadow I used the Naked 3 Palette, the warmest of the 3 Naked Palettes. I just used the colour "Trick" all over my lid, and the colour "Nooner" in my crease. To add a bit more sparkle I added some gold pigment dust* from Fushia. I opted for the new "They're Real" Mascara* and Push Up Liner* (available in July) both in brown to warm up the look and I didn't want to go as harsh as the black.  To finish the look I added a slick of my soon to be favourite lipstick from Sephora (Number 27) and I was good to go! 
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

"They're Real" Push Up Liner and Mascara | FULL COLOUR

Last week I was introduced to something exciting. I'm a huge fan of "They're Real" (Review here) and "They're Real Push up Liner" (Review here) Both the liner and the mascara are now offered in an a few different colours, which is fantastic if you want to mix up your look! The Mascara's are now being offered in Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown as well as the original Beyond Black. The Liners are offered in the original  Beyond Black along with  Beyond Brown, Beyond Purple, Beyond Blue and Beyond Green. The green is probably my favourite out of all the colours, as it's my favourite colour - Fun fact if you didn't already know!

For people that love to experiment with makeup this is a dream come true. Originally I was sceptical at first as I'm a black eye liner gal, but all these colours are really, really wearable. They're not as bright as I first thought, which is a good thing, as you'd look a bit naff rocking neon green during the day, unless it's St Patrick's Day of course! They're quite subdued and I'd have no reservations rocking any of the colours, any time of the day!  

I wore the blue today and I fell in love with it. It's more creamy than the black, but I did need 3 coats to get it to the colour intensity I liked. I'd prefer if it was as simple to apply as the black, but it's not difficult just more time consuming. For someone who finds liquid/gel eyeliner a chore this gel liners are fantastic. If you're a newbie to makeup application then it makes applying liner so much easier, my makeup routine is forever changed thanks to Benefit! I find it so incredibly easy to use once you get the hang of it. Like everything practise makes perfect. 
Apply it as close as possible to your lashes to give the illusion of bigger eyes, and then use to flexi tip to position where you want the flick to go and just draw the line- easy peasy!  If you're a pro at liquid eye liner than you can do with cheaper eye products, but if you're like me and utterly useless you need this in your life. It lasts forever (I still have the one I got last Summer, and used it on a regular basis, excluding my 3 months abroad)  It's impossible to get off and doesn't smudge once it's on! To remove I just use an oil based cleanser, and it swipes right off!

 The  Beyond Blue and the Beyond Brown mascara's are also new welcomed additions to the "They're Real" collection. It's the exact same formula as the original so you're getting the same product you've come to know and love, but you just get some more options! I decided to go bold and wear the blue today, even hough the blue reminds me a little bit of the 90's it's beautiful on and compliments the blue liner perfectly. 

Apply it as close as possible to your lashes to give the illusion of bigger eyes, and then use to flexi tip to position where you want the flick to go and just draw the line- easy peasy!  If you're a pro at liquid eye liner than you can do with cheaper eye products, but if you're like me and utterly useless you need this in your life. It lasts aaaagesss and is impossible to get off unless you use an oil based cleanser, then it swipes right off! It's the exact same formula as the original so you're getting the same product you've come to know and love, but you just get some more options! I personally love both colours, although the blue reminds me a little bit of the 90's it's beautiful on!
All these beautiful colours are available in July! 

The RRP for the Push Up Liners is €25
The RRP for They're Real Mascaras is €26
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Body Shop | Wild Argan Oil Range

Argan Oil is a time thrown around in the past few years. Originating from Morocco it has numerous benefits for both your skin and hair. The price can fluctuate from very cheap to very expensive, and with so many different products and brands to choose from it can be quite overwhelming for most! The Body Shop has recently brought out the Wild Argan Oil Range all of which are infused with Radiant Community Trade Fair Argan Oil. Smack bang  in the middle in terms of price I was so excited to give it a go and it was honestly love at first sniff! 
I'm all for scrubs. I love the feeling of silky smooth skin. I need a good gritty scrub, which thankfully this is, especially if you use it on dry skin instead of wet. It's my preferred method as I really feel it works so much better to scrub away all those dead skin cells! First of all this smells absolutely heavenly. I use this at night when I want a bit of a pamper as it smells so nice and comforting. You also don't have to use too much of it to cover your whole body, so it won't be gone after 3 applications. It's not too harsh on skin either which is great as as much as I like getting a good scrub, I don't want to damage my skin in the process. Definitely one of my Favourite picks from the Range! 
I love Body Oil especially luxurious ones like this one here.  I find it so much easier to apply than a body butter or a body cream. It's a multi purpose oil for both body and hair. When I use any type of oil on my hair I always apply it the night before or a few hours before and wash it out as I find it leaves my hair incredibly greasy. I do prefer to use this on my body and love how silky soft it leaves my skin as well as how nice it leaves my skin smelling! I find it so easy to use as it has a nozzle and all you do is spray, rub in and go! A pet peeve of mine is when an oil doesn't have a nozzle as I just know i'll knock it over at some point or apply far too much that I need. Overall I think this is another must have product from the range and will 100% repurchase.
I must admit this was the product I was least excited about, as I loved the spray oil and felt that this was a bit of a substitute only in solid form, but I found it great for the parts of my body that were really dry, My arms have been really dry as of late and I found this worked absolute wonders on them. It softens in your hands so it's easily worked into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I'm thinking ahead here and think it would be great for my travels as it's travel friendly and serves as a multi purpose product. Like the other oil it's for both body and hair and I found using this on my ends worked great. I applied it at night and washed it out in the morning and my ends weren't as horrid looking as they normally do! Definitely a travel essential! 

Have you guys tried the range?
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ziaja-Manuka Tree Purifying Range

Another day, another skincare review, but please stay with me as these products are absolutely fantastic and after using them for 3 weeks I've made up my mind. Now when I first got these in the post I was slightly disappointed as someone who has dry skin I immediately thought the Manuka Range which is meant for Oil and Combination skin would be lost on me. However I decided to give it a whirl one night, and I must say I was VERY impressed.
We all know I'm a fan of Ziaja products, as I'm on their Beauty Panel I get some of their products to trial out every couple of weeks and have not (yet) have had any negative or bad reviews. It's amazing as I'm quite selective and I'm ashamed to admit in the past I was a bit of a skincare snob. As these products range between €4.99 and €6.99 I would of in the past been quite the sceptic but after testing these products I've been converted to lower end skincare options.  

If you've oily -combination skin you know the numerous challenges you face. Whether it's an oily T-Zone, Dilated Pores, Blackheads, Spots, Acne Breakouts or Shine control. Long story short but the Manuka Tree Purifying Range hits the nail on the head with this one. It not only purifies but normalises the skin and is alcohol free. The Manuka Leaf Extract which is found in New Zealand and has antibacterial properties reduces excess sebum secreation that causes blackheads, acnes and blocked pores. 
 Ziaja-Normalising Cleansing Gel €4.99*
I started this routine by splashing my face with warm water and using a pump or two of the cleansing gel working it into my skin, getting rid of all the makeup and gunk that my skin is left with. It works up a nice lather and you can feel your skin getting cleaner and cleaner. It's a clear gel, which I'm a huge fan of as I don't feel I'm loading my face with anything nasty. It depends on how dirty my face is, but I'll either wash it off with warm water, or use a Muslin cloth by wetting it with warm water and rubbing the gel off. If I don't have a Muslin cloth handy (I swear they go to where all odd socks go to die) a normal cloth still does the trick. 
I've been using this now for at least three weeks and I've only made a little dent which is great. There's nothing worse than getting through products as quick as you open them. The best thing about this is definitely the smell. It smells absolutely amazing, and it's a real pleasure to use morning and night.  It's not great at taking off mascara/eyeliner but that's not a big deal as I always use an eye make-up remover anyway. Over all this is a fantastic cleanser and I will definitely repurchase it if I'm on a budget and want a great quality cleanser thats is kind to your skin, while kicking ass on those spots. At under €5 it would be rude not to! 
Ziaja- Manuka Tree Purifying Deeply Cleansing Peeling Paste €4.99*
This is my favourite product out of the three, hands down. It's an absolute god send to dry skin gals, and after one use you'll feel a dramatic difference in your skin. My problem area's would be my chin and my cheeks and after using this Peeling Paste my skin was left incredibly soft. The difference was exceptional. I like to think of it as Tough Stuff for the face, as it's *that* good. I've yet to find any sort of face scrub that I'm impressed with, as I find most of them just don't do the trick, but this Peeling Paste is something else! A little goes a long way, and you can either use it as a scrub or leave it on a little longer and use it as a mask.
When I first saw the packaging I wasn't expecting this consistency. It's pretty much a toothpaste feel. I apply it onto my dry face, and focus on my problem area's. After a good scrub-a-dub-dub I then rinse with warm water. I've never been so impressed with a scrub in my life. Your face is left a little red, but after a couple of minutes that vanishes and you're left with the softest skin you've ever had. If you don't believe me drop what you're doing and run to the nearest stockist, you won't regret it! If any dry skin sufferer's that don't particularly have sensitive skin(I think this could be a little harsh) definitely give it a go. again at €4.99 this get a massive thumbs up from me!
Manuka Tree Purifying Gentle Exfoliating Night Cream with Almond Acid €6.99*
With Exfoliating in the title I knew I'd like this. As you can see below it's almost like a serum instead of a cream. Like the whole range it smells wonderful (A nice clean, fresh scent-not over powering) A little goes a long way, and I love applying this on before bed and letting it sink right in. I can't vouch for the exfoliating factor as I always use it after the Peeling Paste and my skin is nice and soft, but this definitely aids the softness and in the morning I wake up with soft skin. Since using the range I've noticed my imperfections and my blackheads have reduced, which of course I'm a pleased as punch with! 
This cream sinks right in and leaves you wanting to touch your face constantly (try to avoid this!) It claims to Exfoliate and regenerate your skin without any irritation. My skin isn't irritated and has never felt softer, so I think we're on to another winner here lads! It's the most "expensive" product which comes in at €6.99 which is still unbelievably good value. I've really enjoyed using this and the other two products and have found myself pleasantly surprised that although it's not targeted to my skin type my skin has reaped the benefits of using these products. Over all this is a fantastic range, it's cheap, cheerful and works! 

You can purchase all Ziaja products HERE
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Friday, 15 August 2014

Dry Skin | How to keep your skin Hydrated.

So you've heard me moan about my dry skin on here for as long as I've been Blogging. As of now I'm fairly happy with my routine when it comes to tackling my dry skin. As the weather has been hot and humid lately my skin has gone a bit cray and has become dryer than ever, so I decided to put together a post on how I've tackled it!  
H20- Water
Well this is a no brainer. Water has million of benefits and I find when I drink gallons of it (slight dramatisation) my skin looks and feels healthier and hydrated. Tap water is what I normally just go for as it's grand and free (for now anyway) I also got a refillable bottle from Dunnes Stores(Similar one HERE)that I bring on workouts and to work, so I don't spend a fortune buying bottled water. 

I drink approximately 3 litres a day, no matter how busy I am I always try and drink 2 as I like knowing it's flushing out all those nasty toxins. I use to suffer a lot with headaches and have also noticed the dramatic decrease in the times I've been reaching for Nurofen Pain Relief! If you're not a big fan of the taste a little dash of low sugar squash does the trick for me if I want to drink something a little less bland. Over all I feel a lot better and have really noticed a dramatic decrease in blemishes etc, and although my skin is still dry, it's not as hard to tackle as it use to be. 
Liz Earle- Hot Cloth Cleanser
Holy Grail of the Cleansers in the blogging world. I've repurchased this a few times (and got a big bottle for Christmas) and I love it. It takes off makeup effortlessly and is great. I still prefer Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm, but at the moment I'm just trying to get through my stash. The Hot Cloth Cleanser has worked wonders for my skin and at €17 for a starter pack including Muslin cloths it's not going to break the bank. 

A Pump is all you need to cover your face, which is fantastic as you know how much product to reply. You apply it to your dry face, run one of the Muslin cloths under warm water, ring it out and start getting rid of all that slap. Although I also use it in the morning when my skin is clean. It's actually a lovely ritual and taking off your makeup becomes, dare I say it? almost fun! I've noticed a my skin is a lot less red, and those pesky hormonal pimples are kept at bay as well as keeping my skin soft and subtle- this great a big thumbs up from me! 
 Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum*
So the boffins over at Vichy have extended their Aqualia Thermal Range, where they have added a dynamic hydration technology which distributes moisture more evenly on the face. I've told ya'll before I'm not going to bore ya's with all the mumbo jumbo techy details, I'll just tell you if it works or not. I'm always looking for new "hydrating" products, so when this landed on my doorstep I started using it immediately. On first thought it sinks straight into the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, revived and soft!

I love a good smelling products and have been using this religiously over the past few weeks. Every time I use it I love it more and more. Definitely a keeper. It doesn't work instantly but over the first couple of days my dry patches nearly vanished! I do use it every morning and every night, to make sure my skin gets as much moisture as possible- especially when it was humid. I find the pump fantastic. Not only is it hygenic, and it's also handy as one pump covers your face. I've seen a dent in the bottle, but I've been this every single day for 3 weeks. It's €24 and I would 100% buy this product.
Vichy- Aqualia Thermal "Dynamic Hydration Light Cream" *
When you think of Hydration products I've a preconceived notion that it's going to be very heavy on my skin and quite greasy. So this "Light Cream" was a pleasure to use. Like the Serum it smells lovely and clean. It comes in a handy tube, that great for travel or just chucking in an overnight bag. I'm such a huge fan of Vichy and this cream has made it to my Top 3, After the Serum and the Idealia Life Serum. It's just perfect for dry skinned gals, and there's not a greasy face in sight.

I apply this every morning after the Aqualia Thermal Serum has sunk in, which is quick but I like to leave it for 5 minutes or so. It's a light and airy texture, which I warm up between my fingers and then apply all over my face and neck. It takes seconds to sink in and leaves your skin feeling so lovely, especially if it's combined with the above serum. The only downside to this product is the lack of SPF. As someone who is sun care conscious this is a bit of a downer buzz for me, although I like the texture so much I'd happily apply a SPF underneath if it was a rather hot day. It also comes in a pot too, so whatever you gals prefer!
Etre Belle "Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask
Every once in awhile I like to give my Skin a big boost of moisture. I got this in a Glossy Box back when I subscribed to it (I've since stopped as I thought it really wasn't good value) However while going through my stash I found this gem and decided to give it a go. I've been a bit under the weather and desperately needed something to bring my skin back to life. This mask did just the trick!

It claims to provide an "extreme moisture boost" so I was eager to give it a whirl. It's a little bit messy to use at first you really need to stay still but once applied and you're relaxing (Preferably relaxing in a nice bubble bath) leave it on for anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes and voilĂ  your skin is left so soft. It's a quick pick me up for skin that really needed a good seeing to. The next day my skin felt incredible and my makeup applied beautifully. At just under $40 for 10 face masks I'd highly recommend it, if you're like me looking for a quick moisture boost and a bit of pampering!

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My June Bath & Shower Favourites!

Another month's gone and another month I've been slightly absent! I'm working on it though, every time I think I'll have a few days something always comes up! Anyway I've finally gotten around to writing this post all about my most used Bath and Shower Products last month! I'm pleased as punch with some of them, while other's not so much...!
A sucker for pink and a deal I picked the Supermarket for €2! I've been using this now for over 4 weeks and still have loads left. It leaves my hair soft and looking for vibrant. It smells sweet, but not sickly and it lingers throughout the day. Friends have even commented on how much my hair smells, so this gets a big thumbs up from me!
This was also on a deal for €2 so I snapped it up, as I like to get the conditioner to go with the shampoo. It's light and doesn't leave any greasy residue. A little goes a long way and like the shampoo it smells amazing. If you're after a budget friendly Shampoo and Conditioner I'd really recommend this two products and will 100% be putting these in my trolly again!
In my last post I was totally blown away with the Colour Blends range but this was on sale for €4 and I decided to give it a go. It's grand. It's nothing to write home about, other than it smells divine! It does leave your hair somewhat soft, but I'm sure there's other's on the market that do a better job! Push comes to shove 6/10.
This was also on sale! I'm a sucker for a bargain and for €1.50 you can't go too wrong. I'm a huge fan of Radox and this smells just "clean" if that makes sense? It's lovely and light and definitely my favourite out of the range of  Radox shower gels! The only small complaint I have is that you do use a decent amount of product..
OMG, ignore the plan looking bottle this shower cream is amazing. It creates a million and one bubbles and smells gorgeous! It also comes with a nifty little hand cream which smells equally as nice. It comes in this big ass bottle too and will last forever! This is hands down my favourite shower cream. You can buy it from Mary's Pharmacy in Mullingar as well as online! 
As much as I'm obsessed with the Cocoa Brown "Tough Stuff" this scrub is perfect for everyday as it's not as harsh on the skin, but still does the job. Over all this is grand, my skin was left nice and soft. It's great for general use, but if I want to give my skin a good scrub, I'll forever reach for Tough Stuff! Like all Soap&Glory it smells yum and accompanied by on of their body butters, you'll smell good enough to eat!
Out of all the Bubble Baths I've tried, nothing beats Radox! I've tried them all at this stage and can't really choose a favourite. I've been working out a bit to get in shape for my big trip that I'm taking in the New Year (New Years Eve to be exact) and this is really helping my muscles and helping me sleep a little better. And for less than €2 most of the time you can't complain!
I found this beauty in my stash, that seems to be growing but not depleating, so I'm trying to finish all the products I have before buying new ones. This smells so yummy and sinks straight into your skin, leaving it feeling and smelling divine. Not the most moisturising lotion I own, but it's a great budget brand and looks slightly Soap&Glory-esque
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