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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

MeruMaya Mud Marvels Mask Review

New Year, New You... blah blah blah.. 
The one New Years Resolution I can get on board with is looking after my skin a little more. I've always been meticulous about taking off my makeup, but lately I feel my skincare routine needs a bit more TLC. I used this Mask back in November and I kind of forgot about it if I'm honest. The other night I wanted a pamper session and was rooting through my mountainous skincare drawer, when I found this gem, and decided to give it another whirl.

I'm a HUGE fan of MeruMaya's Melting Cleansing Balm*, so I had high hopes for this Mud Mask. Anything that claims to "Detox" is something I want to know about! MeruMaya Mud Marvels Mask * claims to:

  • Decongest & Detoxify
  • Clarify & Deep Cleanse
  • Revitalise and Rejuvinate

First things first, as someone who has dry AND dehydrated skin (there's a difference) I always exfoliate my skin prior to this treatment as I do find this Mask does dry out my skin. My go to exfoliant at the moment is the Botanics one from Boots. It's cheap and cheerful and does that job. If you're prone to oily skin this one will work wonders for you. If like me your skin is dry and/or dehydrated just slather on your favourite moisturiser after application.
The instructions are easy to follow which I like. There really isn't anything worse than a long list of instructions. It's straightforward, apply and even layer to your face and neck and leave for 15 minutes to so. I tend to leave mine on for about 25/30 while I get engrossed in something on Netflix. It's difficult to get out of the tube, but once you do and warm it up in your hands it's easy to apply all over your face (I avoid my neck as I like to make the most out of my face masks!)
As you would guess it's quite thick, but I only used a little bit as I don't love the whole "Clay" feeling and also it was my second day in a row using it - I just had a bad hormonal breakout! It dried pretty quick and your skin doesn't feel too tight and it doesn't tingle which I like too.You can use it all over your face or use it on concentrated area's too. After your desired time I use either a muslin cloth or if I'm really lazy just good old fashion hands and water. Compared to other masks it's pretty easy to remove. I use their Iconic Youth Serum because I love it, but I also use a moisturiser too!
Once the mask is removed your skin feels instantly better. It feels smooth and clean, but again if you have dry skin it will be left feeling a little dry, so make sure to top it up with some Moisturiser or their Iconic Serum which is lovely (and smells divine) Overall I would rate this Mask a 7.10. I've used better and I've used worse. If you've dry skin like myself I probably wouldn't splash out on this as it is £19.50 but if you're prone to oiliness or if you're prone to breakouts I'd definitely recommend this product!
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Cocoa Brown | Gel Bronze Matte & Shimmer Review

The cat is finally out of the back. Marissa Carter has launched two new Cocoa Brown products! I've known Marissa ever since I attended the launch of Cocoa Brown 1-Hour Tan in the Residence Members Club in December 2013 and I've been a firm supporter ever since. Today I'm delighted to introduce you to the two NEW products. The new instant tanner "Gel Bronze" in both a Matte and a Shimmer!
As always the packaging is girly and pink! You get a decent size for €6.99 and you don't need to use that much to get a nice golden glow. It's a really handy tube too - am I the only one that's fussy about certain tubes?! Anyway, the packaging as always is A+ and in keeping with the Cocoa Brown theme. I was thrilled when the products were revealed as I do look a good instant tanner, and while I love the 1-hour tan, sometimes I'm just a little too lazy for even that!

As with all the Cocoa Brown products both the Bronzing Gels are non-comedogenic which means they won't block your pores or cause breakouts and they can be safely used on your face. As someone who doesn't like to wear makeup 24/7 this is great news and subsequently is the only false tan I'd even consider applying to my face! As for the scent? Marissa has kept her signature Tahitian Gardenia scent so you'll be left smelling gorge!
Matte Gel Bronze*
I love this. It's the perfect product to apply when you want a nice lighter glow, but don't have the time to apply the 1-Hour. I found you didn't need that much product to cover your legs and I found the consistency great. It's not too thick nor too watery and blends in like a dream. I used both my hands and my mitt and I was pleased with both applications! I would always suggest a mitt to save your poor hands. I also did a little test and splashed some water on my legs after application. I think we're all too terrified of instant tans after instants tans from our youths would run at even the slightest hint of rain.. . Well you'll be pleased to know this didn't run at all!
Shimmer Gel Bronze*
I have a confession to make. Before I even tried either of them I had made up my mind that this was going to be my favourite. I'm a lover of all things glittery and shimmery so I knew that this one was going to be my favourite. If you follow me on Snapchat (BowFabulous) you'll see my little demo and how much I loved it. It literally glistens in such a gorgeous subtle way. It's not too shimmery, but under the right light it's positively glowy. Like the Matte, it rubs in easily and doesn't become streaky at the mere thought of water! It would look gorgeous for a night out or even on your decolletage! This for me is definitely the winning product!
As always Cocoa Brown gets a huge thumbs up from me! These babies will be available from the 12th of October and are available to pre-order now on Cloud10 Beauty!
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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Combating Dry Skin with La Roche Posay

I know you're probably sick of me harping on about my "Dry Skin" it's all you'll hear about this Winter again no doubt! Truth be told I do have very dry skin and it can be a problem in the Winter. For me when my skin is really dry, my foundation doesn't sit properly and my skin generally just looks bleugh. It gets really irritated and it's can aggravate me a lot. I definitely have been feeling a change in the air as of late so I'm thrilled these products landed in my door when they did!
My dry patches are my cheeks, my forehead and primarily my chin. I was in touch with the lovely PR team at La Roche Posay a little while ago and they kindly sent me out some products to try! I've been using these for little over a week and I feel I've made up my mind about them already. La Roche Posay is a skincare brand that I've come to know and trust and I've always had really positive experiences with their brand. 

I normally have a very good skincare routine and I haven't gone to bed in makeup in absolute years(Even if it's a makeup wipe job coming home drunk!) Nothing really has worked for me properly for a long period of time. I tried the Nutritic Intense Riche cream before and I absolutely loved it - It lasted me through last Winter but I never got around to repurchasing it, so I was thrilled when I got to test it out again.

I hadn't ever tried the Physiological Cleansing Milk* or the Ultrafine Scrub* so these were definitely the two I was most looking forward to trying.I am always on the hunt for a good facial exfoliant so I was so excited to give this a go! I find personally I need a 3 step skincare routine otherwise my skin doesn't get the best out of products. I love that these products all work towards combating dry and sensitive skin. I wouldn't necessarily class my skin as sensitive, but it doesn't hurt to add it to my skincare routine as my skin can go through sensitive phases every now and again!
UltraFine Scrub*: So first things first I start off with the UltraFine Scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells. I absolutely adore this scrub. I wet my face a little bit with warm water and then apply to my face in circular motions. It's really fine and it doesn't hurt in the slightest. The beads are so fine, but you can really tell it's working. It feels so nice and refreshing. It's great in the morning when you need to be woken up (anyone else?!) If you do have sensitive skin this won't aggravate it as it is really gentle and my face isn't one bit red afterwards, which is always a plus! I've noticed my face in general is a little less red and I'm hoping this will only improve as I keep using it - I will definitely keep you all updated, but so far so good!

Physiological Cleansing Milk* is up next. It's really simple to apply. Squirt onto a cotton pad (I get a big ass bag in Penneys for €2) and apply to the face. This removes makeup, but being honest I do a precleanse (never thought I'd be one of those now!) I mainly used my Micellar water from Bioderma.  So I mainly use this to get rid of the rest of my makeup. It's really nice and hydrating and a little does go a long way. I did find it could leave a little greasy residue, but that didn't bother me too much. Over all it left my skin nice and hydrated and got rid of every inch of my makeup that was still on my face. It's definitely up there on my favourite cleansers!

Nutritic Intense Riche Cream* is by far my favourite product- It's something that I will forever repurchase and I know now this is going to be my go to moisturiser this Winter. It's really thick but sinks into the skin effortlessly. I only really use this at night or if I'm bumming it around the house at home as it's too heavy in my opinion to apply in the morning. My dry skin patches although haven't been eradicated entirely have improved greatly! I know from previous experience after using this for a few weeks regularly my dry skin patches will be completely gone! If you've dry skin and are dreading the colder weather you need to buy this pronto - you can thank me later! 
Overall I think I'm very pleased with my skincare Regime at the moment and my skin is feeling ten times better! I'll update y'all on all my social media channels on how I get on in a few more weeks! I've always been using a Lush Face Mask that I'll review soon too! Watch this space! 

*Indicates a Gifted Item

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Boots | Botanic "Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm" Review

Everyone is obsessed with Hot Cloth Cleansers. They're one of the most efficient ways to take off your makeup. I find them really therapeutic too. I love the feeling of getting rid of all the makeup/gunk off my face. Whether it has been a long day or I'm just back from working out.  I do find, however, Hot Cloth Cleansers can be quite pricey, and there haven't been too many cheaper alternatives until now...

Boots Botanics range is a range I've grown up with so when I saw the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm on offer in Boots the other week. I'm coming to the end of my all time Favourite Merumaya Hot Cloth Cleanser and wanted to give this a whirl. It was under €7 so I dropped it into my basket and hopped for the best. Being entirely honest I hadn't read any reviews online or anything so I wasn't influenced by anything other than the price.
It comes in a nice neat package that is nice and light - so perfect for packing on holiday. It's solid at room temperature, but it melts in your fingers. Once applied your face looks like a grease ball. I like to rub it in for a few seconds before wetting my Muslin cloth with some warm water and then I like to see my makeup disappear. It removes my makeup with absolute ease. I do remove my eye makeup with a specific eye makeup remover first, however. As much as it removes all my makeup I'm a bit funny and like to double cleanse so I remove the rest with some Micellar water.

I can't recommend it enough - it's 97% organic and contains a blend of various oils including lemon peel oil, sweet almond and jojoba seed oil as well as rosehip. The main oil in the cleanser is Olive oil - but it really does work and it smells lovely too. If you're looking for a skincare treat, but don't want to break the bank and still want that indulgence feel then this is the product for you! It was 50% off when I picked it up (The offer is still on!) but it normally retails for €12.99. Still an incredible bargain if you ask me! This product gets a big thumbs up from me! 

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer Glow with Bourjois Parisian Collection

We're all in search of that golden glow. The lovely folk at Bourjois have y'all covered for the Summer with their Parisian Collection. If you want to be a bronzed goddess then keep reading! I love Bourjois. I love that they're a High Street brand, but a lot of their products are High End quality. I've been using them for years, and will always remember going into Boots and buying one their Chocolate Bronzer with my pocket money! The Parisian Collection has so many bronzing goodnesses I just had to share them with you all! 
Matt Illusion Bronzing Powder "Light Glow"*€10.49
I love a good bronzer. I've got my favourites, ones that I've come to know and trust over the years so I know what I want. I'm a strictly matt girl. The only exception would be a big night out. This is the perfect bronzer for us Irish ladies. It's not too dark, but not too light either. It gives the illusion of the perfect natural tan. It smells amazing and is a pleasure to blend. It's definitely one of the better budget bronzers. It reminds me a bit of Benefit's Hoola bronzer! It comes in two colours "Light Glow" and "Dark Glow" and is reasonably priced at €10.49
BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1* €11.99
Okay like most BB creams this doesn't offer much in the coverage department, but it would be a handy little number to bring on your hols. If you've a tan this will enhance it and give you a lovely natural sun-kissed glow. If you're conscious about blemishes and don't want to wear foundation just pair this with a concealer (Collection2000 is my all time fav) and you'll be adequately covered! It's also an SPF15 so it would be handy during the day too. It blends in easily and is very hydrating - one of the most hydrating BB creams I've tried. 
Sun Illusion Blur Skin Perfector* €11.99
Okay this is my favourite product out of the range. It's basically the Bronzing Primer from last year, but it's more wonderful! It evens out imperfections and gives you a gorgeous natural glow. It's creamy in texture and blends like an absolute dream. After application, your skin just looks so perfect  as it "blurs" imperfections, as well as giving you a gorgeous bronze glow. It's not heavy and doesn't "cake" your face. I like to use it on its own as well under foundation to give me a nice subtle healthy glow!
Sunlight Elixir Body Oil* €16.99
Sian loves a good Body Oil. I suffer from dry skin so I love a good body oil. This one is a little bit special it comes with gorgeous golden shimmer in it and leaves your skin looking positively glowing. A little goes a long way and sinks into your skin relatively quickly. Like all the products in this range, it smells amazing. It can be used on your legs, your decolletage, your arms etc and leaves a gorgeous shimmer. There is definitely a luxurious feel to this product. Not a lot of High Street brands delve into the body oils, so Kudos Bourjois!

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Go To Summer Makeup

Okay, the other week when I coming home from work and my face felt disgusting. It was a hot day and I felt I was wearing too much makeup for the heat. I decided then and there to find the Perfect Summer makeup and I think I've found my favourite look. It's really easy, it doesn't make my skin feel heavy and it's also suitable for work too, A win-win. 
I've been meaning to test out some products for the longest time, so I was thrilled when these all worked to give me the makeup look I wanted to achieve. My face feels clean and isn't heavy in the slightest. I do have dry skin, so I skipped the powder as I wanted a dewy look, but if you're prone to major skine, you could totally just ad your regular powder for this look. 
 The Body Shop Wonderblur*€24.95
After I cleanse and moisturise I apply this to my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. It gives me the perfect smooth base for my BB cream. It absorbs excess sebum and maintains a matte effect. I've found it works really well, but I do find that you need to solid skincare routine as well to get the best results. 

Bourjois Sun Illusion Blur Skin Perfector* €11.95
This wonder product has the benefits of a primer (It mattifies the skin), but this product gives a hint of a tan as well. Most of us want to look nice and sunkissed during the summer months so this is a must have. A little goes a long way and this colour here (fair) worked perfectly with my colouring. If you're on holiday's this would be perfect to wear on it's own! 

Bioderma Sensiblo BB Cream*€17.50
I'm sceptical about BB creams. I like them as in their light and if your skin is clear and even it works well for you. However, my skin is a bit red and I find BB creams can emphasise this and just settle into my dry patches. This Bioderma BB Cream in Light is a completely different story. I find it blends into my skin beautiful (I use my fingers for a more natural look) and conceals my imperfections. Sometimes if my skin is acting up I will choose to wear some concealer as well for extra coverage, but today I luckily didn't need it. It's also targetted for sensitive skin and comes with an SPF of 30. If you buy one BB cream this Summer- make it this one. 
Bourjois Aqua Blush in Pink Twice* €6.90
To complement my look I used this new Bourjois Aqua Blush. Normally I'm strictly a powder blush kinda gal, but I wanted this look to be for Summer, so nice and light. It's a liquid blush, so I squeezed a little bit out and blended it in. I used a blush brush for this so it blended in perfectly. It's not as long lasting as a powder blush, but I did look the natural look it gave me. 

NYX Eyeshadow Stick* €4.90
Now I'm not a fan of the NYX Eyeshadows, but I love their Eyeshadow pencils. I used this all over my lid and just blended it out with a big blending brush. I use the colour "French Fries" which is a gorgeous golden colour. It's quite neutral too and can definitely be built up for a more evening look. The staying power is really good and it's so easy to apply. The only downside is that you have to sharpen them and that can be a bit of a hassle. 

Bourjois Instant Brow Mascara*€10.49 and Bourjous Brow Natural*€9.49
I did like the Mascara, I've tried better ones, but I wanted to be as natural as possible. It's not very pigmented but it does the job. Brown Natural is like a felt tip pen for your brows. As a strict brush and powder girl, I was intrigued, but I found it incredibly easy to use. It's small so you can get every hair. If you're new to eyebrows this product would be very handy! 
Bourjois  Volume Glamour Waterproof Mascara*€12.49
As it's hot I always make sure I'm wearing waterproof mascara. This one is fantastic. It's easy to apply, doesn't smudge easily and stays on the whole day. It gives my lashes a nice lift, nothing too dramatic though - which is fine for me as I tend to wear this during the daytime. As far as waterproof mascara's go this is definitely one of my favourites. It gives me a nice lift, separates my lashes and doesn't smudge - especially in the heat!  

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipgloss* €10.99
To complete my look, I used a slick of lipgloss. I've been buying these lipglosses since I was 11, so it's nice to go back to my roots! They're nice, don't stick too much and leave a nice colour. I love these gorgeous peachy pink colour in "As De Pink". It leaves a nice sheen and makes my lips, extra kissable ;) Plus they're inexpensive you can keep a few in your handbag!

Bourjois Beauty Touch Eyebrow Highlighter* €9.49
Does exactly what it says on the pencil. It's a lovely pearly pink and I used it to subtly highlight my browbone. It's easy, not messy and you can direct it exactly where you want it to go. I also use it on my cupid's bow too and depending on my mood I'll use it on my cheekbones too. I like how precise you can be with it. It also blends easily with your finger. It's definitely one of my favourite brow products at the moment! 

*Indicates a Gifted Item
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Monday, 22 June 2015

The Body Shop | Virgin Mojito Range

Just in time for Summer - Ireland do you hear that? The Body Shop has recently launched a Summer collection called "Virgin Mojito". I'm a fan of all sorts of Mojito's so I was thrilled to get my grubby mitts on some of the collection. It's the perfect scent for Summer and has be excited for going away- when that will be God only knows ;) On first sniff I was instantly transported to the beach, sipping a cocktail and watching the sun go down. This uplifting energising fragrance is all you need for Summer. This legitimately smells like a Mojito just minus the sugary scent. If you're a lover of Mojito like me, then keep reading!
Body Scrub*
I love a good body scrub. I suffer a lot with dry skin and I'm always looking for something that grabs my attention. This was the first product I used and it was a great introduction to the range. I let the shower warm up and I scrub myself pretty much head to toe. I find using this on dry skin gives you a stronger effect. If you've got sensitive skin, I'd try using it in the shower on wet skin. After I'm suitably scrubbed I hop into the shower and wash it off. My skin was left a little bit red but that's no biggie, all in all my skin was left nice and soft and ready for some Body Butter to be applied. 
Body Butter
If you're acquainted with the Body Shop, then you're acquainted with their Body Butters. They've been a staple in my beauty stash for many, many years. Many other's have come and gone, but none keep me interested as much as these ones. They make your skin feel like a baby's bum and they all smell amazing. This particular body butter is definitely going to be my go to during the Summer. It's zesty, rich and deeply nourishing. I love to bang  this on after the shower and go to bed and I wake up with the softest skin known to man! The scent really pulls me in though. You're transported back to holiday's and let's face it, who doesn't want that?
Body Sorbet*
Okay first things first. This is NOT a shower gel. It's a body sorbet. Last week I was getting ready for work and I grabbed it and hopped into the shower, not thinking too much in my sleepy morning haze. It didn't lather as much as my normal shower gel, but it made my skin smell amazing so I thought nothing of it. I later found out that it wasn't a shower gel, but a moisturiser. It's a good thing I'm not a regular beauty blogger! Anyway this is the perfect product to pack for your holiday's. It's light, sinks into your skin quickly and again leaves your skin smelling incredible. It's a funny consistency for a moisturiser but it would be incredibly refreshing after a long day out in the sun. 

If you're a lover of fresh fragrances then check out The Body Shop - But hurry it's a limited collection. I'll fight you off for that scrub! 

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

May Favourites

Well these are technically my late April/May favourites but you get the jist. These are all products in my stash and most of them are from last year, but returning home from travelling equates to a one broke Sian, so I'm using and loving the products I already have! I'll do quick reviews of them all, but if you'd like me to go in to dept on anyone's just let me know!
There a mixture of hair care, beauty and skincare as well as a tooth brush! As always there is a mixture of both High- end and High-street so there's something for every budget. I'm definitely more of a High-street gal so the cheaper products are my favs!
Batiste Dry Shampoo 
I picked up one of the new scents of the iconic dry shampoo brand Batiste. I've been using dry shampoo for years and all I can say is the scents have improved dramatically! At €4 for  a big can you get some bang for you buck. This Bloom scent smells gorgeous and definitely give my hair a boost. I also use it to add volume to my hair.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
Now I'm a fully converted gal when it comes to Rimmel's Wake Me Up, but I tried this the other day after finding it in my stash and I love it. It gives me a flawless finish and lasts all day. It blends into my skin beautifully and applies with ease. Definitely another one to add to my fav list!

Bioderma Sensibio H20*
A cult product in the beauty world, and a product I've been using for a long time. Whenever I go to France I make sure I pick up a few bottles of this as it wasn't available in Ireland - until now! It takes off makeup effortlessly and leaves your skin look and feeling fresh and clean. I plan on doing a full review soon, so watch this space!
Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm*
This was one of the only skincare products I took travelling and it was a life saver. It's my favourite cleanser of all time and it's something that I recommend to everyone and anyone. It's a cheaper alternative to the other cleansing balms on the market (£15.50) It leaves my skin so soft and gets rid of all my dry skin patches!
Benefit Roller Lash*
Man this is my favourite mascara at the moment. I'm a lover of They're Real, but this is definitely a game changer. It's not as harsh on the lashes as They're Real and gives me a hella-a-lot of volume without flaking. If you find They're Real a bit tough on your lashes, gives this mascara a whirl, you'll thank me later!
Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner*
I've been looking for a product like this for ages and I was thrilled to be able to try this out this month. This leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth and leave your pores looking definitely smaller, nothing major or anything but I did notice a difference. I like to use this as a primer as it's fantastic especially in Summer as it makes your makeup stay on all day!
Tanya Burr Lip-gloss in Afternoon Tea
I was thrilled when You Tube Star Tanya Burr brought out some cosmetics.I love this lip-gloss. The applicator is a foam tip that applies the lipgloss in one clean swoop. I chose the colour  "Afternoon Tea" which is the perfect shade for Spring/Summer. It's not sticky in the slightest and is just all round a good lipgloss. A definite Summer must have for me!
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze*
This is a great product if you're like me and just want to be nice and golden without being too tanned. It's great for giving you a nice boost and giving you a healthy glow. It's moisturising too so you're killing two birds with one stone. It's a build-able too so if you want you can always opt to put on another layer or two!
Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint
This is stolen from my Mum, but I'm obsessed with it. It smells so fresh. I'm quite funny when it comes to perfumes I'm quite picky but this one is one I'll actually buy myself! I also love the smaller bottles as they're so handy for throwing in your handbag or your clutch. If you haven't smelt this beauty, do it pronto!
Vichy Idealia Life Serum*
This has been in my stash for yonks and I have a full review of the product(here) I use this when I feel my skin is feeling a bit dull and lifeless and needs a bit of a glow. It's moisturising and it sinks straight into the skin. It's been a favourite for awhile now and I'll always repurchase it!
Slim Sonic Toothbrush*
It's the packaging I love to be perfectly honest. I'm not an electric toothbrush kinda gal, so this was a nice change. It's cute for travelling and the package comes with a replaceable head as well as some batteries so you're good to go. Do you need this in your life? No but it does look pretty in your bathroom and does the job!
NYX Stay Matte, Not Flat Powder*
I got this last week and have used it every single day and LOVE it. It keeps my makeup in place all day and doesn't give me the dreaded cake face! It's light and a little goes a long way and best of all? It's as cheap as chips at €10.99 and is comparable to MAC Studio Fix!

*Indicates a Gifted Item
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