Sunday, 30 August 2015


It's no secret I'm allergic to exercise... or well I was.  My weight loss journey began as a fitness one. Weight loss and fitness tend to go hand in hand, for me anyway. I didn't want to eat food that would make me feel sluggish and lethargic when I was going out on my walks at the very beginning as being honest I didn't even want to go in the first place. Eventually the walks graduated to jogs and the jogs graduated to runs. 

Don't get me wrong I'm still not sure on how much of it I actually enjoy, but for me running gives me a chance to unplug or listen to music and just run. If I'm angry/upset/stressed I use that as ammunition to smash a workout. Being stressed for me raises my anxiety and for me running is the best thing to do to eliminate it. I might not get very far or I might not be fast, but I'm out there and It really does help make me feel better - even if it just gears me up for a good night sleep!
When it comes to workout clothes I like to look nice and feel as comfortable as possible. When it comes to trainers/runners I do like to pay the extra as you need good foot support, but when it comes to workout clothes I'm always on the look out for cheaper alternatives to the main sports brands. Boohoo are one of my favourite retailers for fast fashion and I'm constantly looking at their Fit Range for new workout gear to keep me inspired (read : less lazy) 

I'm a huge fan of Slogan Tee's and Boohoo Fit have heaps of them in cool quirky cuts and colours! I had the chance to test some of them out recently and I've been a little bit obsessed and have worn these on a non-workout basis -  Especially with the Beyonce one! The best part? They're all cheap as chips! I have a few pairs of leggings but loads of tops that I can interchange as let's be real gals when you do a good workout you SWEAT!
I was sent a few T-shirts (in sizes 16) and two pairs of leggings both in a size 14. The leggings could have done with being a little bit more stretchy, but I love things with heaps and heaps of stretch. It's just down to the fabric, but overall they're comfortable and easy to wear and don't fall down as much as I initially thought after I tested them out! They have funky designs and patterns on them, so they're a bit different from your bog standard leggings!

My favourite out of the two are these Printed Side Panel Leggings. I love that they're mainly black as that gives me more variety in what tops I can pair it with. For me when I'm exercising I want to look the best I can. When I look good in something, I feel good and these Boohoo Fit pieces made me feel awesome! My only disappointment is that a lot of the sizing stops at a size 14, I'd love to see some plus size options in there as just because you're over a size 16, doesn't mean you're not into exercising!
Overall I'm really impressed with Boohoo Fit and will definitely be picking up a few more bits! 


Post in collaboration with Boohoo, as always all views are my own!


  1. Finding sportswear is a nightmare... I'm loving these pieces though, the slogan tees are perfect for the gym. Just wish they did them in plus size!

  2. Great post, I'm looking for some more workout clothes so definitely going to check this range out!

    You're doing so well on your fitness journey, you're looking fantastic and seriously strong!

  3. I really like the slogan tees! I actually didn't know that Boohoo did workout clothes. I hope they will extend this collection to plus sizes - I could probably buy some of the tops in a UK 16, but for the bottoms I would definitely need a UK 18/20. Anyway, great post! xx


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