Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Primark/ Penney's Haul

So with being broke as a joke, my lovely mom took pity on my lack of clothes and took me shopping on Saturday for a few bits and bobs. I've always included some other items in this haul too, so you can see what I'm wearing this month. I'm doing an internship at the moment and I want to look smart, but still fashionable as well as being comfortable. There's nothing worse than looking good, but not feeling comfortable in what you're wearing. I used to be such a fan of dresses, but ever since I got my greedy mitts on these Yours Clothing  trousers I was converted. I'll be doing a post later on in the week wearing them so keep your eyes peeled!
So first things first, Penney's is a minefield and I would never suggest going on a Saturday afternoon, but alas it was the only time we both were free, so we battled the crowds. In Dublin the flagship store is Mary Street, just located at the end of Henry Street and is in my opinion one of the best. The second being Blanchardstown. They always have loads in stock and generally a good selection of sizes. We made a beeline for the work wear, which jolted me into the realisation that I am now in 
fact a grown up.
These pants are amazing. Hands down one of my better buys from Penney's. They're stretchy so really comfy are an ankle grazer length and have a side zip for ultimate comfort. They've been selling like hot cakes in Penney's so I picked up a size 14 in the blue, but the only size they had left in the black was either a 20 or a 12. Being slightly optimistic I went for the 12 and while they're a little bit snug the are totally wearable! They each cost €12 so definitely a great bargain. I'll be dressing these up for work as well as dressing them more casually during the weekends.
The gorgeous Ivory Floral Dip Back Top* on the left is from Yours Clothing. It's so lovely. It's a little bit sheer, but not immodestly so. It's longer at the back than the front and is lovely and loose. I'd totally rock it wit super high waisted jeans and a chunky necklace, paired with heels for drinks or a meal. The top on the left is from Penney's and I actually bought for the trousers I'm just about to show you. It's a gorgeous bright coral colour. I sized up to a size 18 for this as I like these tops quite loose and flowy. It's a perfect summer work look paired with a nice chain.
Both of these are from Penney's. I'm big into printed trousers at the moment and these gorgeous pink pair were only €10. I had serious trouble with sizing however. As they have no stretch I went for the size 16 and both 3 different prints in the exact same trouser. All of them were different sizes. 2 were too big and these just about fit, so I think these are sizes slightly wrong. Not quite a 14 nor a 16. It's annoying but they fit better than the 16 as the leg is tighter, which I wanted. I also picked up these gorgeous ripped jeans at €19 they're a on the pricier side for Penney's but they're cool and perfect for a casual weekend look.
While in Penney's I wanted tops to mix and match to go wit my trousers. I love this lace black top. It's dressy without being too much and if we get the warmer weather I won't have to worry about being too warm in work, while still looking professional and put together. At €10 it's a great price and it comes in both cream and red too. I'm totally thinking of going back to get them! It's got a slight swing so it glides over curves beautifully. This navy top is perfect paired over the blue pants. It's slightly lower at the back and has a flattering V-neck, perfect if you're like me and a bit more busty! At €11 again you can't go too wrong!
Penney's is such a fantastic shop especially if you're in the process of loosing weight and you obviously don't want to spend a small fortune on clothes. Although I will say to ignore the size on the tag and try it all on as the sizes can be all over the gaff in Penney's! Never get too attached to a size at the end of the day it's only a label and doesn't define you. I find a lot of time being get hung up on the size instead of focusing on the fit - which is ultimately a lot more important. Sure you can squeeze yourself into something instead of trying on a size up and having them fit better which ironically makes you appear slimmer If that's the look you're looking for!)
I picked up this Kaftan style top last week for €13 and managed to bag the last size 14 which I was delighted about as it's such a gorgeous top and incredibly flattering on! It's going to be perfect for Summer paired with jeans and a nice pair of sandals. Stick on a floral crown and you're festival ready! I also picked up this lovely black lace top. I sized up, but I'm thinking of exchanging it for a smaller size. In my head I still reach for the bigger sizes, not really thinking but they're too big for me now! Nonetheless it's a gorgeous top and I can't wait to wear it with jeans or shorts when it gets warmer(fingers crossed!)
This Lilac Rose Print Dress* is from Yours Clothing and I love it. I got it in a size 14 and it fits well. The pleats are quite high however and I feel more comfortable wearing a belt with it to emphasis my waist. It's so pretty and you can dress it up for a night out or even dress it down to make it more work appropriate. In Penney's this dress caught my eye. It's a very "asia" print and reminded me of my travels at €14 it's cheap enough and will look cute with sandals on holidays (when I'll be off again, I don't know!) I also love the cute pom poms on the hems and under the bust!
New Look had a Promotion on and I picked up these dresses! You can check my Facebook Page to see a little preview of them on. I loved them both equally. The blue dress had €10 off and the striped dress had €5 making them both come in under €40. My lovely Mum treated me to both after offering to buy them myself and of course I was thrilled. I picked them both up in a size 16 and although the striped dress is a little big it's still lovely and flattering! The Navy dress is definitely my favourite out of the two and I plan to wear it to a few occasions this month!
Penney's are amazing for flats. I go through flat shoes like there's no tomorrow. I do plan on investing in a good pair of flats, once I recover financially from the trip (in a million years!) but for now I'm happy to rely on good 'ol Penneys! I picked up a pair of black and navy flats. The black ones were €8 and the navy suede were on sale for €5. I try to pick up a few pairs when I go to Penney's as I wear them down pretty quickly! They're cheap as chips so you can't really complain!

I saw these glittery sandals in Penney's last week and I had to have them. They're absolutely gorgeous and are a dressy alternative for heels during the Summer months. The ankle strap is surprisingly flattering and all in all they're the perfect dressy sandal! In New Look I saw these babies and basically threw them to my cousin so she could run and get me the student discount as I loved them so much! They've a small 3inch heel and are perfect for work or even a night out if you're like me and prefer to dance the night away instead of being crippled in your shoes!

Well that's all I have for the moment! When I'm back working full time I'm sure I'l have so many hauls for you! Let me know if you like these type of posts and I'll do more for you!



  1. Great haul, I must try and see if those glittery sandals are still in stock!

  2. I managed to get those glittery sandals.. but it was touch and go.. great post :)


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