Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Paris #4

Sorry it's taken me over a week to get my last post up. I've been sick and up to my eyes. I'm off to France again at the start of September and I can't wait. I love France and I didn't take me long to jump on board the Family holiday as I'm counting the pennies until December! For my last day and travelling home I opted for a maxi dress. It's chic, stylish and comfortable which is just what I wanted.
The view from our hotel balcony. Bastille is really a lovely part of Paris and you don't feel that you're surrounded by a million and one tourists. I've stayed near the Champs Elysees before and it was very touristy. Although it was a lovely location and perfect for what was a short stay in Paris. The weather was lovely and I caught the end of a lovely Market on the Thursday.
I love French markets and spent a good while browsing before making my way down to another market about a mile down the road. It was the warmest day and wearing my hair down wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had, long haired girls you know what I'm talking about. It was in the mid 30's and I love heat, but it was a bit too much for walking around, instead of lying down on a sun lounger some where!
If I hadn't stocked up on food at breakfast I'd be feasting away here, all the fresh fruit looked incredible. It was only a shame I was leaving that night! Paris is so picture perfect and I'm already itching to go back! This market was more of a mixture with loads of fruits, vegetable and meat as well as clothes and antiques so it was a bit of a free for all!
 My Louis Vuitton "Neverfull" was such a handy bag to have. It's so spacious and so easy to fling over my shoulder. It also holds everything but the kitchen sink. It's perfect for a weekend away too. My DSLR is so heavy but you don't feel it as much as this tote is so big. In terms of safety although it doesn't have a zip it has a clip and two strings at the side making so it doesn't make you an easy target for pickpockets! 
As I'm on a healthy eating kick, I allowed myself one Crepe and I can personally vouch that it was absolutely delicious! I had a warm Crepe with Nutella and savoured every mouth full! You really can't beat the French for Crepes, and I can't wait to go back next month. The food over all in France is so yummy and I love going to the markets and getting inspiration for when I'm at home and what to cook!
This Black and White Tribal Print Maxi* is so comfortable. It's soft, doesn't crease and perfect for both travelling and sightseeing. It was cool in the heat and the side splits give it a bit of an edge. Monochrome is a fantastic multi-seasonal piece so you can wear it when it gets a bit chilly with ankle boots and a leather jacket! It's so easy to wear and is honestly the most comfiest maxi I own!
You can spot my photographer Dad with his camera in this photo! He's a keen photographer as well as myself and we were comparing photo's over lunch. He's his eye on my camera as I'm not sure I'll have room for it in my backpack, travelling light and all! I'm looking for a great quality digital camera and have been scouring Amazon for reviews. I'm not too sure yet, so he better take his beady eyes off it for the moment ;)
For accessories I added a pop of colour with colourful bangles and a colourful necklace, both picked up for as cheap as chips in Penney's! You really can't beat Penney's for accessories and next month I'm going to go a bit wild and pick up a few bits to update my wardrobe. Like the rest of my outfit photo's I wore my nude sandals, again from Penneys but Sadly I think these babies died a death with all the walking around we did.
 Well that's that for my Paris Posts, sorry again it took so long but sometimes life just gets in the way! I love writing travel posts and can't wait to write more next year. I haven't finalised my trip yet, but once I do I'll write a big blog post detailing what I'm doing, in the hopes you lovely lads can give me some tips and tricks as right now it's all a bit overwhelming!

I'll be back soon with some beauty posts, I've a few good ones for you!
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Paris #3

 Notre Dame is one of my favourite parts of Paris. Yes it's swarming with tourists(like me, I suppose!) but I always try and get there every time I visit. It's so beautiful and if it hadn't of been peak season I would of ventured in, as it really is breathe taking. The sun was also beating down which was lovely, although a little bit too hot. I know, I know I shouldn't be complaining!
 I really wish I had longer than I did in Paris, but is was so lovely to break away from my daily routine. It's  amazing how it recharges you! Although my two days at Longitude counteracted it, and now I'm as sick as a dog! I didn't drink the weekend and feel rougher than I would have if I did, which is typical! I'm pretty sure I picked something up on the plane, but I'm not going too complain too much!
For my evening in Paris there was only one dress I was packing. Pink Floral Chiffon Pleated Dress* is perfect. Absolutely perfect. The second I tried it on, it was pretty much love at first sight and I'm planning my next outing with it. It looks less comfortable than it really is, if that makes sense? The lining is so soft and feels lovely on your skin, especially in the heat! (I can honestly vouch for this!)
We are Al fresco in Saint Michel, not bang in the centre but on the outskirts. I had my usual when I go to Paris. Starter was French Onion soup with French bread. Chicken and Chips for main and a Chocolate Mousse for desert. I've been eating healthier lately, and it was so nice to have a (few) days of indulgence before getting back to normal yesterday! I'm not doing any fad diet or anything just eating healthier and cleaner.
If you're a long reader of the blog, you'll notice I've a love of Floral. Anything and everything floral I'm all over. I saw this dress on the Yours Clothing Website and literally swooned. It's so pretty and perfect for a nice dinner in Paris. It's really breathable too, so you're not conscious of any marks on it, which we all know can be a bit morto! I was really surprised when this dress arrived as it feels a lot nicer than it looks!
I got really snap happy with my camera and took a million and one photo's. Trying to narrow it down for the blog posts was a hard task, I tell ya! Paris is just such a beautiful city, that it's hard not to take a picture of everything and anything! The only thing I will say is that my Nikon D3100 is VERY heavy. I'm going to need a lighter one for my travels, so if you know any great compact camera's that are good quality, please let me know!
For accessories I kept things really simple. I've had this rose gold link chain for ages. It's from Topshopng as  but they're always doing similar floating about. I didn't add any bracelets as it was just too warm and I wasn't bothered being laden down with jewels, like I normally am. Now this dress does come with a cute nude patent belt, but I opted without it, as for me personally I prefer it without! 
Anyway, back to the dress. In one word AMAZING. It's comfortable, pretty and is perfect for the Summer as well as Winter (But let's not think about that) Quality as always is fantastic and the price point isn't too bad for the quality of the dress. I love the pleats as they really turn the dress into a romantic number! Overall another winner from Yours Clothing!
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Paris #2

When I'm sightseeing/shopping I like to be as comfortable as possible. I hate to feel restricted or uncomfortable in something tight, so I always opt for breathable and light fabrics. This Daisy Print* Yours Clothing dress is an absolute God send and I fully intend to get it in black as it's the comfiest and most flattering dress I now own!
I made a quick trip to the Champs Elysees purely for Sephora. There was a Sephora near the hotel, but I wanted to go to the biggest one! I spent too long in their and came out with too many lipsticks, but what can you do. The staff are so incredibly helpful and all are multilingual for all the tourists, which is fantastic. It's always packed, but there's enough space to browse and grab what you want!
The Louis Vuitton shop will always be special to me! I've been obsessed with Louis Vuitton for so many years, and my parents very kindly bought me one for my 18th and one for my 21st . They're timeless and classic and I'll have them for years. This was the first place I bought my own. I'd worked pretty much every day for a month, but it was all worth it when I handed over my Debit Card. That proud feeling will never leave me. Silly I know, but I worked so hard for it and it's definitely my favourite bag!
 This Dress* was absolutely perfect. It was really cool and the fabric didn't cling at all. If you're lucky and off on some Summer holiday's this is the perfect dress. I love daisy print at the moment, and honestly can't get enough. The V-neck is incredibly flattering on bigger busts and the empire line skims tummies, which y'all know I love. A cute little skinny belt would look great on this dress if you wanted to show off your waist!
 For accessories I added a blue and gold necklace I picked up in a Wholesale shop in Paris, as well as a Bracelet from Fran&Jane. I wore my all time favourite vintage Dior Sunglasses and a slick of pink lippy. I'd of worn red, but I haven't found my perfect "day" red yet. I've a million and one reds that I wear at night, but I want one that's a little more subtle than deep, dark matte red!
I'm just waiting for Sephora to come to Ireland! Although I'm pretty sure I'd have absolutely no savings! They literally have everything under one roof, as well as they're own range(which I personally love!) Everytime I go to Paris I put some money aside so I can treat myself to a bit of makeup! I did have to be careful though as I only had a carry on with me and we all know the Rules of Ryanair! ;)
This little street is so typically French and I love it. It's near our Hotel in Bastille and if I could live here, I totally would! It's so pretty and quaint. I wish Dublin had streets like this! I of course grabbed my photographer and got some shots here! Please ignore my sweaty face, it was so warm! I didn't bother wearing any foundation, I just wore some lippy as no one's got time for that, in this heat ;)
Again I wore my "Neverfull" It's so handy and the straps are perfect for flinging over your shoulder. If any of you are thinking of taking the plunge and buying a Louis Vuitton, I honestly can't recommend them enough! The quality is great and they really do last for years and years! I know it's terrible, but I'm already thinking about the next one I want to buy! Although I've my sights on a Mulberry, Chanel and Miu Miu one too! I just need to win the Lottery....
The Cafe we always, always, always go to whenever we're in Paris. The drinks are horrifically over-priced. €5 for a coke anyone? but the people watching views are the best, so it's kind of worth it. Anyone know one of my many useless pastimes is stalking people on the street? Boy the French have such effortless style both boys and girls! 
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Paris #1

Earlier this week I was in Paris. Paris is one of my favourite cities and  although I've been quite a few times  before I always enjoy visiting and taking in all the city has to offer. It was really hot so I dressed accordingly! I was up at the crack of dawn and in a sleepy haze grabbed the lightest dress and a light shrug to keep me warm on the plane!
We were staying in Bastile which is central enough to everything *cough cough Sephora* I'm saving up so I didn't go too wild, but I fell in love with 5 lipsticks and I couldn't choose between them so I "YOLO'd" and bought them all! There's a mix between pink, nudes and a beautiful coral colour. I really wish there was a Sephora in Ireland or even the UK! Any beauty Junkie will agree. They stock literally everything!
I wanted to look put together but still be comfy, but when it's 4 am and your eyes are barely open it's a little more difficult! I do love how my outfit turned out though! I picked up this dress in Forever21+ and it's my first time rocking it! It's light and breezy although I could of gone down a few sizes as it is a little bit loose at the top and around the waist, but not too noticeable! It's perfect for the hot Parisian sun!
I took the opportunity to take some nice outfit pictures as Paris is probably one of the prettiest cities! It's so lovely both in Winter and Summer but Summer definitely is my favourite time to visit. Bastille is a lovely area of Paris that's a little more authentic (especially down the back streets) then the more touristy parts. Don't get me wrong I love the iconic setting of the tourist attractions but I like to step off the beaten track. 
I was a little silly and got burnt while walking around in the sun. It's a bit funny really when I'm at the beach I apply sun cream religiously but foolishly I forgot. Thankfully with a bit of skin TLC It's on the mend and I'll definitely be more careful in future! I used the La Roche Posay Aftersun and I swear it saved my skin from peeling and becoming itchy! Definitely one for the holiday make-up bag!
For accessories I kept it very,very simple. If it's hot out the less accessories I have on, the better! So I wore my brand new hat that I picked up in Penney's! I'm a huge hat person and this tan hat complimented my outfit perfectly. I brought my Louis Vuitton "Neverfull" with me as it's huge and is pretty versatile. I swing it over my shoulder and I don't have to worry about anything getting stolen, once it's tied up!

Our hotel was really close to the Metro so it was handy for everything. The Metro, once you get the hang of it, is pretty easy and effortless and is definitely the quickest way to get around the city. It's also a lot cheaper than other cities to get around! In Dublin it's at least double the price to get anywhere, which is crazy! More money for me to spend in Sephora ;)
For footwear I chose nude sandals from Primark, and walked them into the ground! They're grand and everything but in future I'd definitely bring a more comfortable pair of with me. They did go with everything I brought though, so that's a plus. If anyone knows any nice neutral sandals that are good quality, that don't cost an arm and a leg, let me know! 
Anyway, sorry It's been dead on the blog this week, life is just so busy at the moment. I'm trying to set up my You Tube channel, but every time I do I have a  crazy busy week and things go backwards! It will happen eventually though, and definitely next year I'll be vlogging some adventures! I have a few more Paris posts, so keep an eye out :)
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Friday, 11 July 2014

Macklemore and Ellie Goulding

At lunch yesterday my friend asked what I was doing last night, when I shrugged she said she might be able to wing a ticket to Ellie Goulding and Macklemore. I'm a huge Ellie Goulding fan so I jumped at the chance! 2 hours later we were making our way to Marlay Park and got drenched in the rain! I haven't seen rain like it in a long time and found out the hard way that the "rain"coat I picked up from Penney's actually wasn't that rain proof...
After the rain thankfully stopped we got in without any hassle and surprisingly limited queuing! There was lot of drunk teenagers that only made me realise how glad I am to be over all of that! I never was an overly big drinker but for the moment I've gone completely teetotal. Regardless I had such a fantastic night dancing and enjoying myself! The place was packed to the brim and my shoes will probably never be clean again. I'm back in Marlay Park next week for Longitude and if this is anything to by it's going to be amazing. Unfortunately I only have tickets for the Friday and desperately looking for one for the Saturday but they're all sold out!
We were so glad the rain stopped, so we could really enjoy ourselves. It was absolutely crazy an hour beforehand and I thought we'd be miserable and wet for the entire evening but someone was on our side and it was amazing! It was just the two of us, so we got to have a good catch up and a lot of jumping and dancing around the place! Marlay Park is a really good venue for a gig. I'm probably only saying that though as it's less than a 15 minute drive to my house, so we got home without a bother! I also feel as fresh as a daisy this morning as well! Albeit a little sniffly, but I'm not too worried about that! I only found out in the later afternoon that I was going so It was a bit of a rush to get ready..
 As I was in a rush I literally hopped into the shower and grabbed a pair of my coloured jeans and decided to work my outfit around it. I added a black T-shirt some black runners and a quirky Parka that isn't at all rainproof and I'll be surprised If I don't catch my death ;) To funk up my outfit a little bit more I added a baseball Cap that I picked up years ago in River Island, that my friends said I'd never wear...BOOM. Ovbiously I'm too for cool for school so I rocked it back to front! Throw on an across the body bag and I legged it out the door!
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My June Bath & Shower Favourites!

Another month's gone and another month I've been slightly absent! I'm working on it though, every time I think I'll have a few days something always comes up! Anyway I've finally gotten around to writing this post all about my most used Bath and Shower Products last month! I'm pleased as punch with some of them, while other's not so much...!
A sucker for pink and a deal I picked the Supermarket for €2! I've been using this now for over 4 weeks and still have loads left. It leaves my hair soft and looking for vibrant. It smells sweet, but not sickly and it lingers throughout the day. Friends have even commented on how much my hair smells, so this gets a big thumbs up from me!
This was also on a deal for €2 so I snapped it up, as I like to get the conditioner to go with the shampoo. It's light and doesn't leave any greasy residue. A little goes a long way and like the shampoo it smells amazing. If you're after a budget friendly Shampoo and Conditioner I'd really recommend this two products and will 100% be putting these in my trolly again!
In my last post I was totally blown away with the Colour Blends range but this was on sale for €4 and I decided to give it a go. It's grand. It's nothing to write home about, other than it smells divine! It does leave your hair somewhat soft, but I'm sure there's other's on the market that do a better job! Push comes to shove 6/10.
This was also on sale! I'm a sucker for a bargain and for €1.50 you can't go too wrong. I'm a huge fan of Radox and this smells just "clean" if that makes sense? It's lovely and light and definitely my favourite out of the range of  Radox shower gels! The only small complaint I have is that you do use a decent amount of product..
OMG, ignore the plan looking bottle this shower cream is amazing. It creates a million and one bubbles and smells gorgeous! It also comes with a nifty little hand cream which smells equally as nice. It comes in this big ass bottle too and will last forever! This is hands down my favourite shower cream. You can buy it from Mary's Pharmacy in Mullingar as well as online! 
As much as I'm obsessed with the Cocoa Brown "Tough Stuff" this scrub is perfect for everyday as it's not as harsh on the skin, but still does the job. Over all this is grand, my skin was left nice and soft. It's great for general use, but if I want to give my skin a good scrub, I'll forever reach for Tough Stuff! Like all Soap&Glory it smells yum and accompanied by on of their body butters, you'll smell good enough to eat!
Out of all the Bubble Baths I've tried, nothing beats Radox! I've tried them all at this stage and can't really choose a favourite. I've been working out a bit to get in shape for my big trip that I'm taking in the New Year (New Years Eve to be exact) and this is really helping my muscles and helping me sleep a little better. And for less than €2 most of the time you can't complain!
I found this beauty in my stash, that seems to be growing but not depleating, so I'm trying to finish all the products I have before buying new ones. This smells so yummy and sinks straight into your skin, leaving it feeling and smelling divine. Not the most moisturising lotion I own, but it's a great budget brand and looks slightly Soap&Glory-esque
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