Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Idea's

So Mother's Day is fast approaching! I've been waiting for Pay Day to get my Mum her present (She knows what she's getting) so it's not really a surprise! I'm getting her a Top from Fran&Jane that she loves! What's great about it, is that I can borrow it too ;) Anyway I decided to do a quick post for you guys if you're stuck for any inspiration for your Mum's or Nan's or anyone you want to spoilt this Sunday. I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a Mum, but Mother's Day doesn't solely have to be about Mum's. Treat the most important woman in your life on Sunday and show them you care :)
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Not the first thing that springs to mind, but Woldford tights are top quality and aren't something your mum would necessarily buy for herself. They're amazing quality and are so soft on your skin. Plus they last ages. I think they'd be a nice and different gift idea. I like getting nice luxurious items that I'd never really buy myself. I'd be much more likely to pop to Penney's and pick up a pair of tights than splash out on a luxurious pair like these ones but I know I'd love to get them as a gift! It's also a bit different from the generic options like flowers, candles and perfume! You can buy Wolford Tights in Brown Thomas in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. A pair of 100 Denier Tights are about €50 and will definitely last a few years, unless you've got a dog like I do who LOVES eating the feet of tights!

There's nothing nicer than getting a nice lipstick. Get your mum a nice luxurious lipstick. The two ones I immediately think of are Chanel and YSL. The packaging alone is worth it. At around €30 it's not going to break your piggy bank but it's something that she probably doesn't treat herself to. Chanel is my choice as I find the YSL lipsticks quite drying and not worth the €35 price tag, where Chanel glide onto your lips like butter and don't cause them to dry and crack and are a little bit cheaper. They have a wide selection of colours so you're bound to find a colour that suits your mum! If you're unsure you can never go wrong with a nice subtle pink. As it's something she'll wear both during the day and an evening out. If you're still unsure check out this fab Lipstick Guide it's really informative especially if you want to branch out and pick a brighter colour! Or of course the girls are the counter will help you either so you're not on your own.

A watch is a lovely gift to get. Not a lot of people buy watches for themselves, especially pretty one's. This is definitely something I'd consider getting if we hadn't bought mum a watch for her Birthday! This Sekonda Watch from H.Samuel is so gorgeous and something that looks a lot more expensive then it is! At under £50 it's a bargain. I honestly expected this to be like Michael Kors prices. It's got a bit of bling but not too much to be over the top. The rose gold is another lovely touch that makes this watch look a lot more expensive than it is.  Sekonda isn't a brand I'm familiar with but it's definitely one I'm going to keep an eye one as my watch obsession is growing and growing. It would be the perfect gift for you mum and again looks really designer, so it will earn you extra brownie points!

What women doesn't love Jo Malone? Whenever I even set foot on Grafton Street I have to pop into Brown Thomas for a bit of a sniff. I love all their products, especially their perfumes and candles. They're so different and you're sure to be noticed if you're wearing one of their scents. If I was ever to look for a gift for someone Jo Malone would be my first thought. Their packaging and presentation are absolutely beautiful. They've recently launched a new collection of perfumes inspired by the Rain in London, all of which is gorgeous and the coloured bottles are a bit of a change from their usual ones too! "White Jasmine & Mint" is my favourite scent. It's smells absolutely divine and whenever I get a sneaky chance I spritz some of Mum's! Either a perfume or a candle would be well received by any Mum and would get you in the good books for at least a month! 

Another great gift to get is a nice face cream. Liz Earle is one of my favourite skincare brands, and I especially love their Hot Cloth Cleanser. It works wonders for my skin and is the only cleanser I'll repurchase over and over again. I've heard great things about their Skin Repair Moisturiser. It softens, smooths and replenishes skin for a natural radiant glow. What women doesn't want that? It also helps protect against dryness. It's a great product and only €23 for a 50ml jar so it's a great gift to get if you're on a budget but you want to look like you've spent loads! I know from my Mum she doesn't buy nice cream for herself and waits for us to get her some on special occasions! Liz Earle are also doing some Mother's Day Gift Set's starting at €38!

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Filorga "Optim - Eyes" Review

It's no secret that I'm sensitive about my age. The sheer thought of growing older is enough to give me heart palpitations. Irrational yes, but it's kicking me into action on looking after my skin. There's been so much advice on when to start using "Anti-ageing" products some say as young as 17, some don't recommend it before 30. It can't do any too much harm, really so whenever you feel you want to, do it! What I will say is that you can spend a million quid on Anti-Ageing products but at the end of the day, a lot of how your skin ages is to do with Lifestyle and Genetics. Anyway, I'm starting to use an eye cream as part of my daily skincare routine, and the first one I've tried is the one I absolutely love! I've read so many reviews of this Eye cream and they've all been really positive. I've only been using it about 3 weeks but I've made up my mind on it already and thought I'd Share them with you.

The Packaging is so cool, mainly matte plastic, with a white gloss lid, that you twirl up and down to use the pump. I like pump products a lot more than jar products as it can be a bit gross sticking your fingers into a pot, day in day out. The Filorga "Optim-Eyes"* is full of technology, which I won't bore you with you can read everything it does HERE. For be when I'm reading beauty reviews, I normally skip the mumbo jumbo and see if it works, so I'm cutting it all out for you! What I was most looking forward to seeing if it reduced my dark circles as well as puffiness. I don't have wrinkles (yet) so I can't vouch for that, but my puffiness has definitely gone down and my under eye circles have really improved since using this for only 3 weeks. I pat it on using my index finger( The finger with the lightest touch) and it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave me with any greasy residue. Over all It's fantastic and I've really noticed an improvement. It really does reduce my dark circles and makes me look a lot less tired than I usually am! It's definitely a winner, and I will repurchase it again!

It's currently on sale, ladies if you want to give it a go!
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Thursday, 20 March 2014

What I Wore | Pink Fluffy Jumper

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the late posting. I've been so busy the past couple of days, and literally only in the door an hour or two. One of my New Year's goals was to blog everyday, and I'm trying the best I can! Although I do sometimes feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends, so maybe next week I'll take a little break but we'll see, y'all know me, I'm always wanting to talk about something or other!
Pink to make the boys wink, eh? My lovely friend Laura got me this jumper for my Birthday back in
November, and although I've worn it all throughout the Winter. It's so fluffy and warm and is my favourite jumper, like ever! It's from River Island, and I think they still have similar colours, so if you're after a fluffy jumper you can still pick one up! What first drew me to the colour was of course the bright neon pink. I've always been a pink girl and this jumper just screams ME! It's incredibly soft and keeps me nice and toasty. Normally I'm not really a jumper person, I'm more of a cardi gal, but this just is amazing!
This jumper has funky shoulder pads, so it's definitely not for the faint hearted. This is a size 16, and I've got loads of room in it, so I'd definitely say it's a big fit but I love it that way! I'm nearly hoping it stays a little bit colder that little bit longer so I can continue to wear this baby as much as I can! I've worn it with skinny jeans and leggings too, for a more relaxed casual look. It's extremely versatile and is easy to wear. The only thing I will say is for me personally it's a little bit short, so I wear it with a long tank top over my jeans/leggings. It's just a personal preference though!
I rocked the necklace with my new Boots* from Schuh! I really can't rave about them enough, they're the comfiest boots in the world and at €54 they're a bargain and a half! I've seen similar ones in Penney's but they're really not as nice and the quality isn't on par with these babies. I can really walk 100 miles in them and be grand. I also wore another one of my Birthday presents with the jumper, one group of my friends got me this necklace (again from River Island). I'd actually been eyeing it up the week before, so I was of course delighted! They told me they got the "tackiest" one in the shop and I was well chuffed! ;)
This has been my typical go to outfit a of late, as I don't really have to put much thought into it. I know I'm not the only one who treasures every valuable second in bed in the morning. It's easy and hassle free. I'm actually wearing a plain skater style dress underneath as I couldn't find a black skirt, and my favourite jeans were in the wash, so I improvised! The dress is from Asos, yonks ago if anyone is wondering! it's amazing how many things you can do with a skater dress! 
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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Michael Kors Watch Wish List

Everyone and their Mother seems to be going crazy for Michael Kors. I've been lusting over them for quite a while now, and I'm still deciding on which one I want! I've been promised one for my Graduation (Yep over a year ago now!) so I'm just getting some idea's on which one to get. There' so many different options and colours and styles that it's hard to know where to begin! For me I do think it's a toss up between the Gold and the Rose Gold. Both expensive looking, and both absolutely gorgeous!
Now onto the next conundrum, what style should I go for? Should I go REALLY blingy or go for a more subtle one. Ideally I'd like one of each, and hopefully in the future I'll have two, but for now I'm going to try and narrow down the search. So for me Rose Gold seems more dressy and I don't really know why, I suppose it's because it's more of an unusual colour and is harder to match than the Gold but then on the flip side it's always nice to have something a bit more unusual to brighten up your look. I really like the Rose Gold "Blair Watch it's got a bit of bling around the face of the watch, but not too much that you can wear it during the day. As much as I love the really over the top Bling watch here, I think I'd get a lot more wear out of the gold version. I think it would be gorgeous for a evening wear, and you wouldn't have to bother wearing any bracelets! I also love the Gold "Bradshaw" Chronograph Watch it's really simple and plain and is definitely an everyday watch. As we all know Michael Kors watches aren't the cheapest so this one might be the best value for money, as you're nearly guaranteed to wear it on a very regular basis. I'm still unsure about what style to go for, I'd love your input as I clearly can't make up my own mind!

Have you guys got any recommendations for me?
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Monday, 17 March 2014

St Patrick's Day | Casual Make Up Look

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone! 
 I have to work today, but I'm going to get off early enough so I'll still has a good chunk of the evening. I don't think I'll do anything though if I'm honest! One things for sure though, I'm going to grab a sneaky Shamrock Shake on my lunch break! I'm not even the biggest fan of the Shamrock Shake, but I do like a bit of Patriotism! I decided to create the look that I'm going to be wearing today, and decide to show you all. For today's makeup Look I wanted to be a bit festive, without looking like I was making a bee line for the Parade (I will next year!) I wanted to incorporate some green and orange(my nails!) into my makeup look in a subtle way. I wear a full face of make up for work everyday, and as of late I feel it's become boring, a dark brown smokey eye, with either a pale pink, red or nude lip. It's pretty much standard so it was nice to get out my Urban Decay NYC Palette and jazz up my makeup routine!
 As you can see it's not dramatic at all, it's quite subtle, and is easy to recreate. It takes me about 10 minutes to create this look, so it's fantastic for me, as I'm the worst morning person in the History of Ireland and would never sacrifice those extra minutes sleep to add a bit more slap to my face. Anyway, let's get started! I wore a gorgeous  Moss Green colour called "Mildew" from my Urban Decay "NYC" Palette, and as you can see it's a really workable colour. It's a very earthy green, and compliments a lot of the browns in the palette. So for reference I only used this palette. It's a great colour to wear if you want a more subdued look. You're also not going to look ridiculous if you're not actually out celebrating Paddy's Day, but want to get in on the celebrations. If you are out and about in the spirit of things, I'd highly recommend you pack on as much as that vibrant green eye-shadow as you see fit and go wild, all in the name of St Patrick.
 For my base I used my Mac Studio Fix Fluid (in NC30). To be honest I'm only using up the ends of it. I've gone off MAC foundations. I think they're awful for your skin, and far too expensive for the quality of product you get. However, today I probably will be out all day and I hate touching up my make-up during the day. The weight of my make-up bag is enough to put me off  it anyway. For me this is the only Make-up that lasts the entire day (I've ran out of my Doublewear), so it's the best one for the job. I do like finished look when I've applied it, but for the sake of my skin I've made a vow never to repurchase it again. I contoured using my Hoola Bronzer and then used my Sleek Blush in "Flamingo" It's extremely bright, but a little goes a long way. I gives me a lovely flushed look and I haven't touched pan yet and I've been using it over 5 months on a pretty regular basis! Sleek Make up are absolutely fantastic, and are one of my favourite High-Street brands. You can purchase it Online, or if you're in Liffey Valley, Boots stock it (as well on
I filled in my Brows using the Sleek Eyebrow Kit in "Dark". It's a Dupe for Benefit "Browzings" but costs a fraction of the price! I've been using this since September and It looks like I've barely touched it. It's so simple and easy to use and I love both the powder and the wax. For my Eyes, I used "Mildew" all over my lid, after priming it with the Urban Decay "Primer Potion" which is the stuff of God's. It keeps my eye shadow on all day and a little goes a long way.I blended "Mildew" out, making sure my whole lid is covered  as I want the predominate colour to be green. I then took "Maui Wowee" which is a golden brown colour and worked it into my crease. It gives a lovely shimmer but isn't too much for day wear. I was originally going to add a matte black to my corner crease, but decided against it, as I wanted my look to be a bit more day time appropriate and to look fresh, so I worked with just the two colours. I also applied some "Mildew" just beneath my eyes,keeping extremely close to my waterline. After adding some black eye-liner, and "They're Real" Mascara I was set to go! 
It's a really easy look to create, and I couldn't recommend this palette enough. I've all the Naked Palette's and I love them and I do use them on a very regular basis, but sometimes if you want a bit more colour and a bit more fun injected into your makeup routine a Palette like the Urban Decay NYC one is great. It has some cool, quirky colours but also mixed in with more versatile colours so you've the best of both worlds. I kept my lips very neutral and just wore some Nude Lipgloss that I picked up in NYX for next to nothing. It's Pinky/Nude so you don't look like you're wearing concealer on your lips, anyone else do that back in 2005?! Over all I absolutely loved this look, and feel like I'm going to honor the Day without wearing head to toe green. 

I hope you liked this different post, and if you're going out tonight and were stuck for inspiration, hope this helped too! If you'd like to see more posts like this please let me know in the comments!
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Benefit Bathina "Soft to Touch, Hard to Get" Review

Whenever I want to smell and feel like an Old Time Hollywood Actress and pretend I've all the fame and fortune in the world, I turn to "Bathina Soft to Touch, Hard to Get" Body Oil Mist"* from Benefit. I was a huge fan of the "Bathina" Bath Range back many years ago when it first launched. Back then I could only afford Benefit cosmetics once in a blue moon. I also made sure I saved up for anything "Bathina" as for me it was really sophisticated and I felt proper grown up. It also smells like Heaven,which makes it even better. It's the only Body Oil I had repurchased over, and over again. Unfortunately Benefit decided to stop making the range and in time I forgot about it, and bounced between a number of other Body Oil's none really WOWing me. When I heard they were slowly relaunching a few of their products I was over the moon. As well as "Soft to Touch"Body Oil Mist, I was also obsessed with "Take a Picture it Lasts Longer" Body Balm. So you can only imagine, How pleased I was when I saw these two back on the Benefit counter shelves! I've yet to stock up on the Body Balm(which is bloody marvellous) but come Pay Day, I'm going to be all over it! 

"Soft to Touch,Hard to Get" comes in the cutest packaging, really vintage boudoir inspired and looks so pretty sitting on your dressing table. It's definitely a product you display proudly on your dressing table for the whole world (or just yourself) to admire. It smells absolutely divine, words can't even describe (Notes of Apricot,Lychee,Bergamot and White Musk). It's also incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is spray it all over your body on freshly showered skin, rub it in and Voila! It sinks into the skin effortlessly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Your skin is left ridiculously soft, and is left feeling really hydrated. It also gives your skin a gorgeous luxurious sheen, which is always nice! It's the perfect product for a pamper evening in. It's also a lovely gift to get, at €38, it's a bit expensive for a Body Oil, but I can assure you it's worth every single penny. I must warn you though, once you've tried it once, you'll never want to use anything else again! 

Now all Benefit has to do is bring back the "Maybe Baby" perfume, so I can smell this good all day, every day!
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Thursday, 13 March 2014

What I Wore | Simply Be Daisy Print Dress

Spring sems to finally be here so I'm rocking some daisy print. Daisy print is big for Spring/Summer and I'm delighted to see it on the Simply Be website!This Daisy Print Doll Dress* is such a fantastic dress for Spring. It's great that trends hit Simply Be as quick as other shops to give us plus size girls more options! I was immediately drawn to this dress because it's higher at the front, and lower in the back, although not too dramatic! It's the perfect Spring dress, and I know I'll be wearing well into the summer, just with cute sandals instead of ankle boots and tights! Know y'all know I love a good skater dress. I think they just suit my shape and my style! I'm mostly really girly and feminine and I love how they accentuate my waist and flow out over my tummy area. Every now and again I love a good sexy body con, but for a more day to day look I always opt for skater style dresses. I feel really comfortable in skater style's and for me they're the easiest style of dress to dress up or down.

I styled it in more of an edgy way today. I rocked it with tights and my ankle boots from Topshop, along with my Bowler hat that's going to make more, and more appearances again! Last year I use to wear it constantly and then I misplaced it for a few months, but my Dad came to the rescue and found it for me, so I'm back to rocking it. I've become such a huge fan over the past year or two, and now I don't seem to ever be without one. I love the look of the hat with this pretty floral number. It gives an edgy twist to a rather girly outfit. I added a statement necklace, too as let's face it I'm never seen without one. I thought the colours went really well with the daisy print, and complemented it nicely. I got this necklace in a wholesale boutique in Pairs over two years ago. For €3 you can't go too wrong. To complete my look I wore my favourite sunnies from Penney's, and a slick of subtle pink lippy! The quality of the dress is lovely. it's not too heavy and not too light. I've always had great experiences with Simply Be, and this dress is another winner! 

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Celtic Candles | My Thoughts

While I was at the Beauty Show in the RDS on Monday with my lovely friend Lynne, we came across the cutest stand selling candles. I absolutely love candles, just like my Mum. My Dad always comes into my little office space claiming it smells like an "Opium Den" as I'm constantly burning something or other. Usually I go for Yankee Candle, as I find they take forever to burn, and at only €19.99 for a medium jar it doesn't break the bank. Jo Malone is my mum's candle of choice but as much as I love them, personally €50 for a candle that burns pretty quick in my opinion is a little bit steep for my budget at the moment.
 Celtic Candles are 100% Irish, and have been a family business for over 20 years. As we're still in a recession, I always prefer to buy Irish produce where possible and I think I've found my happy medium between Yankee Candle and Jo Malone! They have a number of scents, and myself and Lynne spent ages choosing what scents to go for. We walked away to think (and to save our arms that were already quite tired from the weight of our bags) and we had a little talk and were discussing which ones we'd go for. There was a great deal at the Beauty show with 3 for €30, so we decided I'd get two and she'd get one. When we arrived back, the lady was so lovely and really helpful and we ended up going for three each! What really sold me on these candles is that they're made from 100% Plant Wax. They're clean burning with no waste and they're not tested on animals! As well as that there's a big enough selection to choose from so there is something for everyone! I also love the fact the you can use the hot wax as a body oil, which is especially nice taken from the "Relaxing" scent.
So after much debate on what scents to choose, I chose "Zesty Lemongrass", "Blackcurrant and Tomato" and "Relaxing". I choose three completely different scents, that I can use for the different moods I'm in. My favourite out of the three has to be "Blackcurrant and Tomato" as it's a combination I'd never think of. It's fresh but fruity at the same time and is really unusual. A lot of the smaller companies only stick to a few good generic scents. Scents they'll know will be popular. I love that Celtic Candles has a complete range of weird and wonderful scents, but still have a lot of the classics, that we all know and love. As the Spring seems to have finally come(fingers crossed!) I've been burning "Zesty Lemongrass". It's really zesty and fresh, without being overpowering and to be it just smells like Spring. For the evening time when I want to unwind after a long day, I know I'll reach for "Relaxing" It smells predominately of Lavender and Tea Tree, and will be lovely when I'm relaxing in a hot bath. I've only had these candles for a couple of days, but they claim to burn for 45 hours!
I've burnt my Lemongrass one for a couple of hours already, and there's barely a dent so you can rest assured it's not going to burn away in the blink of an eye. The price point is great for a natural candle, and their Large Jars are cheaper than the Large Yankee Candle Jars. As much as I like Yankee and their million and one scents, I'm going to start reaching for these more often, as they're organic. These Aromapots that I purchase normally retail for €14.99, and burn for  up to 45 hours. They're so pretty, and you can really smell the quality, if that makes sense?! When I do stock up again, I'm going to go for the Large Jars, as for €5 more than the Aromapots you get 45 minutes more burning time. At €19.99 I think they're much better value as they last longer, and if you know what scent you love, you know it's not something you'll hate so you won't mind burning it for over 90 hours. However the Aromapots are great gifts, or if you like to have a number of different scents on the go. It's Mother's Day Sunday week, and it would be a perfect gift, if your Mum is anything like mine! I'm thrilled I came across this little stand and I now hope I can stay stocked up with Celtic Candles for a long time to come! I've had a little look on the Website and have found that McCabes Pharmacy in Dundrum stock them, as well as numerous other stockist in Dublin. You can also purchase them on their Website.

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Scarlett&Jo Maxi Dress Review

When I got my post last week, I was delighted to open this baby. I'm a huge lover of maxi dresses and floral, so this was perfect for me. I'm so glad the Scarlett&Jo team chose it for me! Maxi dresses are so easy to wear, and in my opinion are mutli-seasonal, and you can wear them every season! Although if you're going to rock one in Winter, I'd suggest going for a plain black fitted jersey one, and anything else I think looks a little too summery, and won't keep you warm(especially in Ireland and England!) This dress is part of the Scarlett&Jo Romance collection, which was launched to celebrate the brand turning One! Scarlett&Jo are a brand, I really like! Not all of it is to my taste (but that's the same as any label!) but I think they're dresses are absolutely beautiful and their cuts really flatter the fuller figure. It's great to see a brand doing so well in the recession, and I feel Scarlett&Jo, are going from strength to strength and I wish them nothing but success!

Now onto the dress! This Black Floral Layerd Maxi Dress* is so pretty. It's absolutely perfect for Spring, and can be worn right up until late Autumn! I wore this on Saturday when it was a lot warmer, than I'd ever expect March to be like. I did wear it over a leather jacket, but I wanted to show of the dress for y'all, so I took pictures without the jacket! The dress has a 3/4 length slip underneath it, that's detachable so you don't feel like you're constricted. I love the sleeves, again they're not constricting and flow lovely. Like a lot of women (all shapes and sizes!) I'm not a huge fan of my upper arms! I don't mind showing them off, or anything but for most part I like having the tops covered as most of the time I'm bloomin' freezing. It's got a lovely empire waist, and it flows over your curves perfectly. It will be gorgeous on your holiday's with some cute sandles, a few bangles and a nice clutch! For today's look I went quite casual, but adding my trusty Fedora, oversized sunglasses, and a statement necklace for a 70's boho feel.

It's an outfit that can be worn for multiple occasions, and I especially love the gorgeous floral print. Maxi dresses will always be in style it's just a matter of how you style it. For me wearing Maxi's there's only two types of footwear I like with them (Evening Maxi's aside) and that's sandals and ankle boots. Sandals obviously for the Summer, and ankle boots for the more colder months. I rocked mine with my ankle boots from Topshop. I still find them extremely uncomfortable( a year on) so being honest I wouldn't recommend them. I do however love the look of them, and find I wear them, when I know I won't be out walking a million miles that day. They did have a pair of real leather ones, that I heard were more comfortable, so maybe it's just because they're not real leather, they're harder to wear. Anyway, they're cute as long as I don't go too far, they're grand! If anyone has some nice heeled Chelsea boots that are comfy, let me know! Over all this is a great maxi dress! It's got a lovely boho feel to it, it's flattering and it's easy to style! Definitely a Spring/Summer staple for my wardrobe!

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ziaja | Sensitive Skincare Range

Another Skincare post for y'all, but trust me it's a good one! Since I've started Blogging I've learnt so many tips and tricks and have been introduce to some skincare brands I'd never heard of, Ziaja being one of them. I've been selection along with some other fab bloggers to be part of their beauty panel, so expect a few posts about this fab brand. Again like always, I'm 100% honest with you lot, and if I don't like something I simply don't post about it. As like I said before I'm not a hardcore Beauty Blogger, and only share my favourite products with you! Ziaja is a polish skincare company, that are cheap and cheerful and all the products I've tried from them, have worked well for my dry and sometimes sensitive skin. Today I'm going through the recent products I've been using non-stop for over three weeks!
Their Sensitive Skin Range is fantastic. It's really gently on your skin, but you still feel it works. I find sometimes if the product is too sensitive, my skin feels no different. However This range is absolutely fantastic, and I honestly can't recommend it enough. A lot of the time when I review products the price tag can be a bit hefty, and although most products I get to try I love, I find that they're a bit out of everyone's price range. The fantastic news about this range is that it's all cheap and cheerful, all between €4.99-€6.99! So if you're a student on a budget or like me constantly broke you can still look after your skin, and your skin will reap the benefits! As I've mentioned I've tried a few Ziaja products before, and have become a firm fan. I'm especially fond of their Orange scented Body Butter as it smells so lovely and fresh and really nourishes your skin. I love scented products for my body, but I'm not a huge fan of heavily scented products on my face, so this skincare range is right up my Street.
This is the product I was most looking forward to trying. I've never tried anything like it before, so it was virgin territory for me! When you have dry skin, anything with "peeling" makes me feel like it's going to get rid of all my dead skin, and leave my face feeling like a babies bum. As you can see it's a cloudy thick consistency. I thought that it would feel a little bit like a face scrub, but there's not a bead in sight. It's really soft and extremely easy to blend into your skin. You apply an even layer all over your face, and leave it to work for 10-15. I normally hop into the bath, and leave it more 20 and then wash it off with luke warm water. I can't tell you how much I loved this product. My face was soft and my chin(where I get a lot of dry skin) was soft and subtle! As well as leaving your skin soft, it also brighten's it, something I think we all need, especially as it's coming into Spring! During the warmer month's I don't wear as much make-up as I do during the Winter, so it's nice to start preparing your skin now. Like all of the Sensitive range it contains No silicones, No Mineral Oils and No perfumes, so you know it's not going to be harmful to your skin. 
I've been a fan of Bioderma for yonks, but it use to be a nightmare getting it shipped to Ireland. I use to always pick it up everything I went to France on holiday's. Things have change and now you can order it direct to your door but now there is so much choice of different Micellar water's from various different brands, giving you various different price points. I've tried the L'oreal version, and really like it and had been using it for a while, until it ran out and I tried this in it's place. This one comes just in under €5 so it really is a bargain product, probably the most inexpensive on the market. It gently removes make-up and effectively cleanses the skin, all while being extremely gentle. This Micellar Water contains No silicones, No Mineral Oils and No perfumes, so just because it's got a low price point doesn't mean it's full of rubbish, again which I love. It's extremely easy to use this  Micellar water as all you do is put some onto a cotton pad, sweep it over your skin, once in the morning and once at night and you're done! Really simple and easy. I've been using this now for a number of weeks, and can't see my skincare routine without it. It's simple, effective and inexpensive, and I think every sensitive sista, should have this baby in their skincare routine.
If it's got "Soothing" on the packaging I'm going to be interested. As this range is targeted for Sensitive skin, you know it's going to sooth your skin gently, and not further aggravate your skin. A problem I've shockingly had in the past. The consistency is light, and blends into the skin like a dream. At €6.99 it's the most expensive product in the range (As well as the night cream, which is the same price!)  but again under €7 it's not going to break the bank. This cream is especially targeted for dry and itchy sensitive skin, and my skin has really drank this up once it's applied! As well as having moisturising properties it also contains protective properties so you know your skin is going to be looked after. The day moisturiser is long lasting, and your skin still feels quite soft after a couple of hours, after application. It claims to regenerate the skin, and although I haven't noticed, my skin is constantly left feeling soft and subtle. Over all, I will definitely repurchase this, as well as the other two products as they're effective, make my skin feels fantastic and are all three combined are less than €20! 
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