Friday, 7 March 2014

Roger & Gallet "Fleur De Figuier" Review

I'm a perfume junkie, I want to say that off the bat. At any given time I've at least three on the go. my current favourite is Ellie Saab, and is has been for over a year. It's fresh and feminine and lingers on my skin for a long time. I also always get complimented when I wear it, so it must smell nice. However like clothes and makeup I'm quite fickle and find a new product that I love more than the last, time and time again. When I was given the chance to test out this Roger&Gallet fragrance I jumped at the chance. Now that's it's getting a bit milder out (milder, not warmer!) I want something a bit more fresh and fruity, one sniff of this and I was hooked. 
First off the packaging is really pretty. As y'all know I'm a sucker for a nice package and the Roger&Gallet is really feminine and girly. Everything from the outer-packaging to the bottle itself is pretty, and decorated in Fig motifs. Now normally I'm not a fan of Figs scents, as they tend to overpower me. It's not a scent I'd normally pick up, but I'm so glad I tried this out. It smells absolutely divine, and I don't smell like an 'aul one. When I opened it, my Mum was in the room and of course wanted a sniff, and her immediate reaction was "Oh it Smell's like something from Jo Malone" Something I'd agree with. Both myself and my Mum love Jo Malone, but the prices are a bit expensive if it's your everyday perfume. 
When I first sprayed it this baby I was greeted with a gorgeous fruity fragrance first. It's really light and fresh and reminds me of Summer, which hopefully comes sooner rather than later. I'm convinced I've got that SAD disorder, when you're all bummed because of the miserable weather. Today while walking to work It was really nice and mild, and hopefully next month, I'll be walking to work without a coat. Anyway it's a gorgeous fruity scent on first sniff, then moves into more floral and citrus tones, which I love. After time, it becomes a more woody scent, which thankfully isn't too strong as personally I'm really not a fan of woody scents. Although it's strong smelling ,it's surprisingly light and I feel it would be lovely for a night summer's day, enjoying the sunshine and having a picnic!
What I mainly love about this product is the value for money. At just under €40 you're getting 100ml of product, which is the starting price for most perfumes at 30ml, well the ones I like anyway! I've had a sniff of a few other Roger&Gallet fragrances and I'm really impressed with them all. Of course they're not all my taste, but they have quite a selection, so you're bound to find one that suits your taste! It would be a perfect Mother's Day gift, if you want to introduce your Ma's to something different. My Mum hadn't heard of the brand, and I already know she'll pinch this on me! If you're a fan of the fragrance they also have a completely range including a body wash and a body lotion, perfect for either layering the scent, or again it would make a lovely gift! 
Roger&Gallet "Fleur de Figuier"* €39.50
Over all I'm thrilled that this is my first Roger&Gallet fragrance as I really do love it. I've been wearing it non-stop and already have gotten a few compliments off my friends. It's nice when people notice you've changed your fragrance. Roger&Gallet are available in a lot of pharmacies across the country, which is great if you're not living in the centre of Dublin, and have limited access to major department stores. If you're in Dundrum Town Centre "McCabes" on Level 3 stock Roger&Gallet if you're looking for something other than the usual brands, definitely check them out. My first impressions of a R&G scent has been a very positive experience, and I can't wait to try out some more of the scents. I can see this becoming a very nice love affair..

Sian xox

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