Sunday, 16 February 2014

What I Wore: Tartan Coat

I've had this coat since my last Birthday. It had sold out of all my local shops, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a size 16 from Asos. The 16 is really generous and it's so nice and roomy! I love this coat, and I'm delighted that Tartan was still big for this A/W. I know Tartan is always sort of in, so hopefully I can get a year or two more out of this baby. I love everything about this coat, the leather sleeves, the fur detail and the quirky tartan print. It's incredibly warm, and sustained a late night walk home in the freezing cold, last night. 
I wore it out for dinner and a few drinks with the girls last night. We only went locally, so I wanted to be dressy casual, and comfy mainly, as we all live quite close so I knew we'd be walking the 15 minutes home, and I knew it wouldn't be an early night. I wore the same dress I wore during the day, but mixed up the accessories and the shoes, for a more casual look. I also changed tights into ones that covered me a little bit more. These are actually bitten to shred by my Dog, if any of you have a dog, that likes tights, you can empathise!Thankfully it's freezing cold, so I wore two socks to keep my feet warm, but otherwise I'd have to throw them out! 
Whenever I take pictures these days, the sun is always shining in my eyes, so you'll have to get use to my sunglasses, for awhile, or get use to my awfully small squinty eyes! I have about 10 pairs of these from Primark, and I actually love them, more than any other sunglasses I own, and that includes my new beautiful Ray-Bans. I think it's because I can chuck them at the moment of my bag, and not worry about loosing or scratching them, as they're so cheap! I plan on picking up more, after Frugal February, as I'm getting a bit anxious as I can't find them all! ;) At €1.50 I can't really give out. They're perfect for all year round, and I think the shape really suits my face!
I kept the outfit really simple. This dress is incredibly warm, and cosy, which is great for when it's minus a million degrees outside(Dramatic much?). I paired it with my Boots I got neatly two years ago from Zara. I always forget I have them, and am always pleasantly surprised when I find them floating around my very messy room! I also wore my favourite across the body bag from Fran&Jane, which you've all seen on here, a million and one times I'm sure. It's just the perfect bag, and looks a lot more expensive than it is. The quality is also fantastic, and although I've worn it loads over the year I have it, it still looks brand new! I alternate it as a clutch bag sometimes, if I want to make the outfit a little more dressy. I did however bring the strap for when I was walking home, so I can fling it over my shoulder! 
To complete the outfit I added a bow hair-band. I feel very "Bowfabulous" in it! I used to wear bows on a near daily basis, so it's nice to go back to that! I think they add a lovely girly touch to any outfit, if you're not feeling wearing a statement necklace. I picked up this one from Accessorize years ago, on sale! As much as I love Accessorize I find it extremely overpriced for what you get. I've fallen victim to very pretty statement necklaces before, but at €30+ for a necklace, that's bound to break I just don't think it's worth the money! Saying that I can be extremely fickle in terms of fashion, and next month might see something that "I NEED TO HAVE!" so watch this space!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Sorry I only got three outfits done this week, the weather was shockingly bad, so next week here's hoping I blog more! 

Sian xxx


  1. I absolutely LOVE that coat. You look fabulous!

    Laura xxx


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