Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What I Wore | Leopard Print Dress

I feel a bit matchy-matchy in this outfit, but I feel good in it, so why not? I originally bought this dress to wear on Christmas Day, as It's comfortable and loose! I haven't really worn it since, and as I'm not able to afford anything new (for a few more days!) I decided to style is another way. I originally wore it with Tights and Heels, so I went for a more casual look yesterday. 
I wore this dress out with a friend, where we went to the Port House for a bite to eat, and then we went to the Cinema to see "Philomena". If you haven't already seen it, it's absolutely fantastic, and I'm already 100% going again with my Mum. I suppose because my Grandparents live near where part of the movie was based, made me even more interested in it, as it's a lot closer to home! Anyway I wanted to be comfy and casual, as by the time I was leaving my house it was cold and miserable! My New Look Boots have seen better days, but they're really comfy and paired with thick fluffy socks, keep my feet nice and dry! Like I said before next year, I'll invest in a really good quality pair that will last be a few years! But for now these will do nicely! 
I decided to go for the Leopard Print and red combination. As the dress is a swing dress, I wanted to give it a bit more shape, so I added a red belt to give it more shape and structure. It shows off the smallest part of my waist, and gives a lovely flattering silhouette. I wanted to inject more colour so I went for my red Hobo bag, that I picked up for €20 last Summer in Bulgaria. It's nice to add a splash of colour every now and again. I kept my makeup really simply with my Rosaliac CC Cream, and MAC Lipstick in "Syrup" I love this lipstick as it's a darker nude, and doesn't look like you're wearing concealer on your lips! 
Over all it's an easy outfit to put together. Red and Leopard Print can be a bit over the top though, and you have to be careful how you pair them together. Two accents are fine, but any more I think it's a bit over kill! I finished off the outfit with a black coat, so it looked more coordinated and I was ready to go. The Dress is a little bit longer than I'd normally go for, so the belt hitches it up a bit more, giving my my desired length! I find myself gravitating towards more tunic lengths then dress lengths, as my legs aren't the longest, and I want to make them look a  bit longer, then they are! 
Sian xxx


  1. I love leopard print! This dress is amazing!


  2. I adore leopard print... that dress is absolutely gorgeous!! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you, I love the print too! :D xox


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