Saturday, 22 February 2014

What I Wore: Lace Sleeve Dress

Every girls needs a black dress that they can just throw on and feel good. I've copious amounts of black dress, and they all fall into different categories. I've Day black dresses, Evening black dresses and of course a couple of sexy black dresses too! This one from Yours Clothing can be easily dressed up or down, which I love.It's a plain black swing dress, with lovely lace detail on the sleeves It's a little bit longer then dresses I'd normally wear, but it's quite ladylike.
This Black Swing Dress with Lace Sleeves* is incredibly comfortable. It feels so soft against my skin. The sleeves are nice and comfortable and aren't restricting in the slightest, and even have a bit of room in them. It's not an itchy lace either, it's nice and soft and you don't feel like you can't move your arms. As someone with a bigger chest, I originally didn't know if the cut would suit me, but it's really nice and flowy and doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing a tent! I'm not really sure on the length though. I love my dresses short, and I think I'll get this one altered to be a little bit more above my knee! I'm always open to having garments altered if they're not perfect for you. You can get it done at really reasonable prices these days! If you're in Dublin I recommend FITZ on Drury Street, they're excellent and can do an express service if you're in a rush to get something fixed for an occasion! 
To give the outfit a really feminine pretty edge, I wore my new Floral Crown from Sweet as Candy Vintage. I've seen ones really similar for triple the price, so when I saw how reasonable this sellers was I picked up two, one black and one cream! Now I know it's not for everyone and a lot of people actually stare at me when I wear it (but whatever!) I love my floral crowns, and I'll never stop wearing them! It was shipped from Australia, and it took two weeks, with free delivery to reach me, not bad considering it came from the other side of the world. I'l do a review on it, next week so you can see how lovely it is in some close ups! I found the website through Ebay, I've wanted a black floral crown for ages, so when I saw how cheap this one was compared to others ones (€20 vs €60) I knew I had to snap it up. I love supporting smaller companies too, so it's a win-win all round.
I added a pair of sophisticated Black court shoes. I picked these up for £19.99 when I was in Glasgow for my cousins Wedding. I'd actually forgotten to pack my shoes so I was lucky to come across these. They're cheap and cheerful and I danced the night away in them! I think they're wider width (not too sure) but the heel is high enough to give you a nice height, but the concealed platform, makes it easy to walk in. Every girl should needs a pair of patent shoes in her wardrobe. They're classic and timeless, and an investment. When I have the money I'll be buying a pair of Louboutin's as they will never go out of style. Although for now I'm happy with my pair for under £20! If you're in Ireland and looking for a pair of court shoes for under €20 try Dunnes Stores. I've gotten the most comfiest pair of patent nude shoes, and they had the same pair in black! They're so comfy and again quite high, so if you're looking for some height without the pain, check them out! 
Over all, this is another triumph for Yours Clothing. I know I feature them quite a lot, but it's purely because I wear them a lot! They have such a fantastic price point on all their clothes and accessories, and their one of the few plus size brands, that don't charge an arm and a leg for basic clothing! As with all my outfits these days, my sunglasses from Penney's made an appearance! I'm seriously obsessed and can't get over how much I love them. I think they should become my signature look, what'cha think? I've only good things to say about this dress, and can't wait to wear it, when I get it taken up a bit more! I know most women like dresses to be dress length, not tunic length but I like dresses to be short and flirty! It's actually a great dress to wear when it gets warmers too, as it's surprisingly light and breezy. So if you live in black and want something that's going to work in the Summer months, give this dress a go! 

Sian xxx


  1. You look gorgeous Sian! I still don't have a black dress that isn't for clubbing... Fair play to you wearing your floral crowns too, I would not be brave enough but you rock it :) x

    1. Awh thanks Sarah! Ya need to sort that out pronto ;) Ha I love wearing mad things! :) xox

  2. You beaut! You look amazing as ever Sian, love your style xx

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