Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Schuh Spring Summer '14 Preview

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see what Schuh has in store for us for Spring/Summer. Like every girl I've a weakness for shoes, and I was excited to see what's coming in, over the next few months. With the Sun shining yesterday and everyone was in a better mood, it's gotten be excited for Spring! They have so many new brands to Schuh, and I'm excited to see them filtering through the stores. I of course got snap happy, and took a few pictures and and give y'all a nice preview. 
I use to have a fear of Canvas shoes, ever since my Mum made me wear them when I was a tot. However these babies, are gorgeous and absolutely perfect for your holidays. They're summery with their Hawaiian print, and they have a bit of a platform if you like that bit of height. They're the perfect weekend Summer shoes, and I can't wait for them to come into stock! I think they'd be gorgeous with frilly ankle socks and a cute denim dress in the Summertime. 
If you're like me and don't like bringing heels on your Summer Holidays, then these are the sandals for you! They have a high platform and a bit of a heel, and would work well this Spring/Summer. When Spring is in full force, but still a bit nippy out (which I've no doubt it will be!) adding a cute pair of socks with your sandals, is a quirky and fun way to keep your tootsies warm! When it's warm ditch the socks, and go for a vibrant pedicure. My favourite pair of Sandals apart from the black(surprise, surprise!) are the daisy print ones! They're just so blooming cute ;)
A good court shoe, will take you anywhere. I've only a couple and want to expand my collection. This Spring/Summer Schuh have a million and one colours, as well as a few prints. I love the twist on a classic staple. They also come in a couple of heel heights so, if you're not a pro at walking in heels, you'll find a pair that work for you. My favourite is the cobalt blue pair! I'm such a huge fan of cobalt blue, and love how much it lifts my outfits. This pair would be gorgeous with either rolled up jeans, and a white shirt or even with your LBD! 
First of all the multi-coloured Sandals are to bloody die for. I *need* them for my Summer Holiday. Words can't describe how much I love them. They're so quirky, fun and cool. I haven't seen such cute sandals in years, and again they remind me of my childhood. Funny how trends make a full circle! I love how they're a flatform. Lately I do want an extra bit of height and love getting the look, without the burning feet! I also love these loafers too. Gravitating towards the leopard print pair as always. These look extremely comfortable and because loafers are such an everyday shoe, you always have room for a funky pair! 
Wedges are a must for me for Spring/Summer. The espadrille style are so cute, and feminine, especially the lace pairs. If you want something a bit more dressy, but still remaining casual the glitter ones would be perfect. Not too high or too low, they'll give you a lovely lift. The colour block wedges also caught my high. I love the bright and vibrant colours, as well as the high wedge and platform, making them really comfy! The higher the platform, the less pain it will cause your feet, remember! I really love the green pair and think they'd actually work quite well with a Summer wardrobe.
Okay, these are not the most practical pair of shoes, but every girl needs a couple of pairs that aren't deemed sensible. I personally love the Coral ones for Summer, as I think they'd be gorgeous with a nice tan. Although If I wanted a pair more versatile, I'd pick the black pair as they're a wardrobe staple, which you can wear all year long. The Chain detail, really sells them to me. Normally I'm not one for skinny stiletto's, but If I got my grubby hands on these, I'd forgo the pain ;)
Another un-sensible shoe. This gorgeous sandal comes in both cream and black, so these are much more versatile. The Strappy details are bang on trend and the heel height isn't too high. I love the cream pair of these, as there's a real designer feel to them, and they really show off the gorgeous gold accents perfectly. I love the gold accents on both shoes, but feel the cream, are slightly more classier. Again they'd be gorgeous with a nice tan and a bright pedicure.
Last but by no means least, are the GORGEOUS platform shoes. What I like about all the collection, is that there's nearly always another colour to choose in the same style. I do love both of these shoes though, in completely different ways. The Lime green and the black stripes are really striking, and the rose gold platform and heel are equally striking but in a more feminine manner. 

Over all the collections are fab. There is no short of gorgeous colours both in Pastel and in Vibrant colours, as well as no shortage of classic black and beige. As always Schuh have a fantastic price-point, and if you're a addicted to shoes like me, I'd recommend you check them out! 

Sian xxx


  1. My friend swears by Schuh shoes, but I haven't tried them yet. The Black Chain Sandals are gorgeous!

    1. I only have a few pairs of there shoes, but I've had nothing but good experiences! :) xox

  2. I've never bought shoes from the brand but I'm swayed looking at these.

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    1. Definitely check them out! :) xox

  3. I am in love with those printed flat loafers, I'd definitely take the cat print ones ;)

    Sharon x

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they! :) xox

  4. Gorgeous shoesies, love the last two pairs especially the black ones with the stripy heel x x

    1. I know, they're gorgeous aren't they! <3 xox

  5. I can't find those amazing flatform sandals online. The multicolored ones are fab. Any idea where to find them online? I would dearly love to own them!


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