Sunday, 16 February 2014

Frugal February Update: Week Three

Okay, another week as gone. I've been extremely busy this week with multiple things going on, and I ate out a lot more than I realised, which is a downside to saving money. I normally only eat out once a week, but I was on the go all this week, and didn't make the best choices of food! Next week, I'll definitely stick to healthier options! I can really save a lot more money if I tried a little harder, but if I'm not buying any makeup or clothes, I've decided I have to let loose a little bit more. I'd be a miserable cow,otherwise! Plus I got a refund for €150 from ASOS, so that's all extra cash in my pocket. It's actually not been too hard not spending money on any clothes, but it's been difficult being in Boots, and Penney's and not picking up anything. It had become second nature to me, so I'm changing that habit. Although I did cheat this week. I bought Radox Bubble bath for €1.30!
Monday, the weekend sort of caught up with me. Going out until all hours on Saturday night, really isn't good for the mind. I didn't drink that much or anything, but just being out so late, really messes with your body clock. Plus it was a bitterly cold night on Saturday, and I wasn't wearing a warm enough jacket. I felt pretty sick last Sunday evening, and figured it was more me sick, than me not getting 8 hours sleep! So on Monday, I caught up with some sleep and then my Mum looked after me, as I was really un well. I slept again most of Monday and tried to get better. I'm still feeling a bit "meh" but I'm powering through and hopefully I don't get worse! So on Monday, I spent absolutely zero! My friend also came over with a Terry's Chocolate Orange, which cheered me up immensely! 
Total: €0

Tuesday, I had a few bits and bobs to do in the morning. I always seem to be on the go lately. It was really, really cold on Tuesday. Colder than any other day of the year so far, in my opinion anyway! I went and met up with some friends, who I haven't seen in ages! We went to Jamies Italian. We're a huge fan of the restaurant and it was delicious as always! It's a little bit expensive though. We don't go that often so it's not too bad, I suppose. I went for the Prawn Linguine and at €16.95 it's a bit pricey, but it's so yummy, and it's definitely worth the money, as a once in blue moon treat. We then looked around Dundurm, and I restrained myself from buying anything, until we got to Boots! As the weather has been so cold, I wanted a nice hot bath and bought a Radox Bubble Bath (€1.30) which I don't feel too bad about!
Total: €18.25

Another miserable stormy day, that I spent hiding under my blanket! I attended a Shiseido Event in Harvey Nichols in the evening, which was nice and informative. I didn't know much about the brand before, but after the event, I want to try everything! It's such a great brand, and all the products are of such high quality. The only downside to it, is a lot of them are a bit too pricey for me at the moment! Someday, though I'll have mountains of cash, and can buy it all! ;) After the event myself Anne-Marie and Audrey went for a bite to eat in TGI's. We we're all starving, and I opted for Sweet Potato Fries and some boneless Chicken wings (€12) Normally I find TGI's a bit too expensive, but I was honestly feed well, and didn't feel too full after.After that I went home, and caught up with the rest of my blogging! 
Total: €12

Thursday, I was working late. Normally this would usually save me a bit of cash, but when me and my friend go to Nando's it doesn't happen. It's a weekly tradition, and it's great to catch up and talk about the week. I just went for a plain wrap (€9.95). I also went up to Tesco to get a big bottle of water, it was only sale for (€1) so I didn't feel too guilty. I also bought some fruit and snacks in Tesco, as well as a Magazine so all in all that amounted to €10. I could of done without it, but I wanted something to read before bed, that was mindless, as my sleeping pattern has been quite bad this week! Over all, I still don't feel too bad. I feel I've been doing quite well with Frugal February, and a few slip ups aren't the end of the world! 

Friday, I went to my friends house, after I was finished working away. I brought over a bottle of wine,and some chocolate for us all (€19). As she was cooking a lovely dinner for a few of us. It was a lovely relaxing evening, and we had a great laugh! It doesn't bother me at all about Valentines Day. I've been lucky enough to have many lovely romantic ones, and although I'm not exclusive with anyone at the moment, doesn't mean I can't enjoy the day! I find a lot of times girls can forget that friends are just as important as boyfriends, and we need to spend quality time together! We ate a lovely meal, and stuffed ourselves with chocolate and I got home and thanks to the wine, slept like a baby! 
Total: €19

Yesterday was such a lovely day. I met up with my very favourite man friend, and we went to Rock Lobster for lunch in Dundrum Town Centre. We both wanted to try it out for a while, so it was perfect. It came to €19, so it wasn't too bad, as I got a lovely big burger (that I couldn't even manage to eat half) and some hand cut chips. If you're looking for somewhere different to go to in Dundrum, I'd highly recommend it! In the evening, I met up with some of the girls, who I haven't seen in so long. We went to Mao in Dundurm, and I ended up having a chicken dish (€16) I wish I hadn't though, as I wasn't that hungry, and didn't finish it at all, and only managed about half. We then went to the pub, for a few drinks (€14). I didn't mean to eat out so much this week, it just so happened to be that way! Next week, I definitely won't! 

On Sunday I met a friend for lunch, and spent €13. Next week, I'm not eating out at all, as I've eaten out a ridiculous amount this week! Working in Dundrum is lethal in terms of spending money, as temptation is literally at every corner. So today, I think I did really well!I avoid all the shops, and don't even look into Penney's anymore, as I know I will be tempted and pick up a few bits, and before I'd realise I've spent €40 on crap! After work, I decided to take things easy and not spend any more money, as I'm nearly afraid to ad up this weeks total. Frugal February is really teaching me a lot about my spending habits. I think I've conquered shopping, now I just need to conquer eating out! 

Grand Total:€132.20

Sian xxx


  1. Living across the road from the shopping centre is equally as dangerous Sian so I feel your pain! You're doing really well with Frugal February and resisting temptation all around, and a girls gotta eat right? :)

  2. This is such a good idea...! I think I do quite well as I live outside of my local shopping area in Switzerland so I manage to resist, but online shopping is my vice!! Danielle x

    1. There's literally temptation at every corner! ;) hehe xox

  3. This is such a good idea I must do this as I am really skint at the moment and need to count every penny

    1. It actually goes quicker than you realise! :) xox


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