Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Leopard Spirithood

Hey Lovelies!
With this bitterly cold weather (I'm forever giving out about the weather!) I want something to keep me warm on my commute to work and something that works well with the abundance of black that I've been wearing lately. I purchased this Spirithood last year. I had a bit of disposable income left and wanted to treat myself. Normally I only spend extortionate amount of money on handbags (I have a love of Louis Vuitton, and treat myself maybe once a year) but decided this was too cute, fun and cosy not to be naughty and make a sneaky purchase. Not only does it keep my head toasty, but it also have a scarf attached with pockets for your hands!
Not only are Spirithoods too cute, but there's is a very positive campaign behind them. They are dedicated to the community, self-expression and the protection of endangered animals whilst producing the cutest of hoods made from faux fur and 100% cotton lining. They also have a  "Pro Blue" Label which 10% of the cost go on the protection of the animal you bought. Unfortunately the Leopard isn't involved in this campaign, but If I was ever to purchase one next year I would definitely go for a "Pro Blue" animal, perhaps the Grey Wolf Peruvian?
 Check them out ladies! They're only adorable <3

S xxx

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Collection 2000 "Lasting Perfection" Concealer

First time going bare face on the blog! It's for a great product though! If you haven't heard about this concealer you've been living under a rock for the past while! It's probably the only concealer I've repurchased apart from "Boing" by Benefit, and this one is about a third of the price. My skin tends to be quite red, and depending on the time of the month I get a few blemishes here or there. This concealer is probably the best I've ever used and at around €6 you can't go too wrong! It really just goes to show, you don't need to spend a lot of money on comestics. It's just a case of finding a product that works for you at an affordable price.
The packaging is simple. A simple clear tube with a black cap. The only "Downside" of this product is the writing rubs off literally within a few uses, so it looks like grubby and old. But to be honest, if that's the only downside, we have a pretty good product on our hands.. This is actually my third tube, and I know I've started a love affair. I just hope to God it isn't discontinued or something, as a lot of the products I fall in love with tend to get discontinued :(
 It comes in three shades, One, Two and Three. Not being exactly pale nor dark, I picked the middle one or "Light" It is perhaps a little too yellow for my skintone, but once I've blended in foundation it's perfect. It's got a wand applicator which makes it easy to cover your blemishes/redness precisely. The texture is creamy, a must for me when I purchase concealer, and I find stick ones really dry out my skin and clump onto my blemishes only to emphasize them!
As you can see in the first photo,my face is quite red, and my bags are a little bit dark. Blame an 8 hours shift! Before I apply my makeup I exfoliate, moisturize and apply my Laura Mercier Primer. I then let it set for a couple of minute before I apply my concealer. The concealer literally covers everything. Even when I have a million and one spots on my face, people say my skin looks flawless. It never is! - this concealer is just magic.. I apply concealer all over my redness, and my eyelids to act as a primer for my eyeshadow. It glides onto the skin so easily, and it's a dream to blend. I actually blend it with my Real Techniques small foundation brush to give me a better coverage. After I leave it a minute or two, I apply my foundation and then the rest of my makeup. Overall this is an absolutely amazing product, and I would be lost without it in my makeup bag!

Have you guys tried it?

S xxx
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Monday, 28 January 2013


Happy Monday Lovelies!
Burgundy was a huge colour this Autumn/Winter, a trend I was happy to invest in. I love the fact that is goes with a lot of clothes I already have in my existing wardrobe, and how it can be mixed and matched. It looks lovely with Khaki green as well as black or grey. So it's definitely a versatile colour to buy. On Saturday I wore this outfit. It was surprisingly mild out so I wore my Leopard Print cardigan, black dress and boots.
I didn't want to go overboard with Burgundy, so instead I just incorporated in, using accessories. I'm sure you've seen my Birkenesque bags here before, and this one I'm definitely delighted I bought! It's so roomy, perfect for the girl that shoves everything but the kitchen sink into her bags! at €99 it's not too dear, and the quality is great! I literally get compliments on it wherever I go :D
Scarf&Bag:Fran&Jane,Tunic:Topshop,Cardigan:H&M,Sunglasses:Penney's and Boots:Zara

I paired it with my much loved Zara studded boots and my trusted Penney's sunglasses! I've been wearing these boots all Winter. At €119(they're down in the sale now for €69) they're more expensive than I'd normally spend on boots, but seriously I've gotten so much wear out of them and I'll be able to carry them into Spring and next Winter. You can never have to many black boots, right? 

S xxx
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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Summary #1

Hey Beauties :) 
I've decided to start a Sunday Summary post every week! Things on getting a little bit hectic at the moment, and I wanted to catch up with you guys. This week has been very busy! Since I'm off to Birmingham on Thursday, I was working a 6 day week, and today couldn't of come quick enough :) I'm delighted to have a little lie in today I tell ya ;)
  • This week, I enrolled in a Visual Merchandising course, which as I'm hugely passionate about. I find it therapeutic merchandising. For me it's like clearing a messy desk, and making it all neat and tidy, if that makes sense?! So it's probably a great career choice for me ;) although I've become very fickle in my career choices as of late, so this is very much subject to change!
  •  I've been thinking more and more about London too. I know how happy I'll be there, and how many more opportunities there are for me there. Dublin is too small for me right now. It will always be my home, but I'm ready to leave for a year or two now. 
  • I've been scheduling blog posts, to stay on top of my New Year Goals. With working full time, hanging out with friends and enjoying life, it's hard to keep on top of blogging. Since it's something I enjoy so much, I try to either get up early(fat chance) or write up posts after work, making it a lot easier to post as often as I can.
  • On Wednesday I went to see Les Miserables, and it was absolutely brilliant! One of the best movie's I've seen in ages! I've been going to the cinema loads lately. There was a time when I hadn't been in so long, but it's such a nice thing to do to unwind after a long day :)
  • Tonight I'm heading for a bite to eat with the girls, and then hopefully a movie - if we can decided which one to go to.. story of our lives!
Hope you guys, have an excellent week ahead!

S xxx
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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Casual Camouflage

Hope you're all well! It's the middle of the week, so not too long now until the weekend! I'm in the middle of a 6 day week this week, so can't wait for my day off! :D It will be a day for relaxing and perhaps a little bit of retail therapy. January has been a veeeeery long month for me. The weather has taken a turn for the worst here in Dublin. It's been snowy on and off, thankfully not sticking. But MY GOD is it cold?! Walking to and from work I chuck on my Ugg boots with 2 pairs of socks, to keep my little footsies warm! Love 'em and Hate 'em ladies, but they're the best footwear in my opinion for this time of year! I've been so so so busy lately, with working full time, blogging regularly and catching up with friends. I love seeing all my friends, and making time for them all <3 Tonight I went for Dinner, and then off to the cinema to see Les Miserables, which by the way was AH-MAZING. But I'm sure you all already know that. After work I threw on my over-sized dress from H&M and my Topshop snood, nothing too glamorous I'm afraid. I'll have an outfit post on it later on in the week :) To see a sneak peak, check me out on Instagram :) My username is BOWFABULOUS :)
Since I'm a busy little bee, I always plan outfits, that are easy to throw on after an 8 hour shift. I went for dinner the other night, and wore this outfit. I bought this scarf last year, and love it. It's so funky, and I always get compliments  when I wear it. Since camouflage is big this year, it gives a nod to the trend, but not being to "in your face". The dress is a skater style, and I wanted to cinch in the waist so added my favourite belt of the season to further my hourglass figure. Pairing it with a black blazer and little ankle boots I was set to go in only a matter of minutes, who says it takes an effort to be dressy? ;)

S xxx
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hask Argan Oil Review

Last week, after a particularly long day in work, I trudged home in the cold rain in a rather fowl form. After getting soaked to the skin, I arrived home and was greeted with a rather lovely surprise. Hask had recently gotten in touch with me thanking me for doing a review of their Argan Oil waaaaay back. They wanted to send me out a few new products to show their appreciation, which was extremely kind. It was such a lovely thing to do, and I was nothing short of delighted getting that parcel, turning my frown upside down. I'm a huge fan of hair oil, as my hair is quite thick and I backcomb it on a daily basis. Inside the box I received 6 hair conditioning treatments, 3 Exotic Shine Treatments, 3 Argan Oils and 3 leave in conditioners.

The first thing I did was hop into a scorching hot bath, with loads of bubble bath and chilled, after I washed my hair and then added the Argan Oil Conditioning treatment, as my hair was quite dry and lackluster from this horrid weather I lathered on the whole sachet. After waiting 10 minutes as per instructions I washed it out. My hair was definitely a lot smoother and softer and didn't look so dull. After blow dying, I followed the Sachet's advice and finished it with a small dollop of Exotic Shine treatment, leaving my hair silky, smooth and smelling delicious! I will definitely be purchasing Hask Argan oil products again, they're not only reasonably priced, they leave your hair silky soft and they smell amazing! Check your local Penney's/Primark ladies! These cheap and cheerful products are really worth it!

S xxx

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

In Need of a Pick me Up

Hey Girlies,
Every now and again, we all need a little pick me up! When life gets a bit hectic and I get bummed, or you I don't know what on earth I'll do with my life, I read inspirational quotes or looks at funny animal pictures. Here's a little mix of both, in case any of you are feeling the same way! <3 Love you guys!

And here's one make you giggle! Cute animal's are the best pick me up there is especially if they're wearing clothes! It never fails to put a smile on my face :) Google more! They've hundreds of mad funny ones! :D

S xxx
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Thursday, 17 January 2013

H&M Wish List

Untitled #33

Hey Lovelies,
It's no secret that I love H&M. It's definitely one of my favourite stores on the High Street. Whenever I want to update my wardrobe with a funky shirt or knitwear I head to H&M.After work everyday without fail, I pop into H&M as it's on my route home! They always have great knitwear in an array of colours, mainly pastel which I love! Their prices are excellent, and I've never ever had an issue with their quality. It's definitely leaps ahead of other High Street stores in terms of price. Their Spring/Summer stuff as predicted is gorgeous with an abundance of floral, neon and pastel. It's definitely got me in the mood for Summer! I'm a huge fan of their leggings, and am thrilled that they have floral versions, as their much more comfy and easier to wear than jeans! They have gorgeous little tops to match, so if you wanted to get a jumpsuit effect you could, giving you numerous looks from two pieces! Their accessories as always are bang on price point and trends. As much as I love Topshop's Jewellery sometimes it is a bit expensive compared to H&M, who very often have similar stock! You really can't beat H&M for their sizing too, I've loads of size Mediums from here, when no Large's were in stock and the fit me fine, it just shows you do have to try on everything! They always have loads of funky over sized tops too, so it's definitely well worth a look :)

What to do you guys think of H&M?

S xxx
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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mac "Snob" Review

Whenever I want a new Lipstick, I'll head to MAC. There's always a huge selection, and I'm always bound to find one I *need* in my collection. Come Christmas morning, I was pleasantly surprised when Santa left one for me under the tree! Now I'm usually such a huge fan of a statement lip, and love my bright red's, plum's and even orange from time to time, but Santa sent me something a little different.Now don't get my wrong, as much as I love having a bright lip, there's something classy and natural about a light pink lip. Snob is one of MAC's, best selling lipsticks, and I can honestly see how. It's a gorgeous pink colour, that's not too Barbie, nor too "concealer lip" (was anyone else guilty of that?!) It's the perfect shade to wear on a day to day basis, and perfect for work!

 I actually love this colour. I can't believe I hadn't bought it before! It's such as "me" colour, and I've worn it over and over again since Christmas, and have gotten tons of compliments! The only downside I would say is, after applying it on your lips, it becomes a matte finish, which in my own experience dries out my lips big time, but then again, I do suffer from very dry lips in the Winter! Overall I will definitely repurchase this when It's used up, and no doubt will it become a staple in my makeup bag!

Anyone else love this lippy?

S xxx

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Thursday, 10 January 2013


The other week, I was shopping with my lovely friend Sinead, and we popped into TKMAXX. I've a love/hate feeling with TKMAXX. Normally it's crowded, extremely messy and I never know where to begin to start! Whenever I go with Sinead, I always find bargains,I think she's my good luck charm! We were just leaving when this jumper caught my eye. I knew it was made for me. It's over sized, pink and have a 3D bow, as well as studs! It's so comfy too and y'all know how much I love my comfort! Over sized jumpers are great for getting dressed in a hurry, when you want to still look polished and put together.
It was a bargain at €34.99 and it's a lovely warm peach colour. It can be carried on into spring, without looking too Wintery, so it's €34.99 definitely well spent. TKMAXX also seem to have lovely knitted jumpers in an array of colours, styles and sizes! It's well worth a look. The last time I was there, they had a good selection of Micheal Kors clothing too!

S xxx
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Soap&Glory "The Righteous Butter" Review

There's nothing I like more after a long day of work to relax in a bath before bed. As you know I'm a bit of a beauty junkie, and like all beauty junkies have an array of products I use regularly. Soap&Glory's body butter is definitely one of them. I've heard a few mixed reviews about it, so I wanted to chip in my two cents!
First and foremost, the packaging is gorgeous, like all of the Soap&Glory Range. The tub itself is so girly, and has a retro vibe to it. I'm a sucker for anything pink! This 300ml tub lasts forever, and believe me I lash it on my dry skin. When you open the tub, you're greeted with the gorgeous signature scent of Soap&Glory. The floral fragrance hits you immediately, which I just happen to love! But I know it's not everyone's cup of tea! It's rather strong upon first application but lingers subtly on your skin for the rest of the day,which personally I like.

There's no point in a pretty packaging and a sweet smelling product it doesn't live it to it's expectations. Fortunately this does! It's thick and creamy, and a little goes a long way. It doesn't sink in immediately like I'd like it too, but nor does it leave you greasy for the night. It's definitely worth it to hydrate your skin. Ideally I would like if It sunk in quicker, as I don't have a lot of free time, but it's perfect for those nights when you're relaxing at home, and want a bit of a pamper sesh. If you're limited on time, I just wear loose Pj's after applying it and then hop into bed. Three times a week I apply it on after a bath and it leaves my skin afterwards really is as soft as a baby bum.

Overall I think it's a great product,leaves my skin really hydrated and isn't to expensive!

Anyone else tried this?

S xxx
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I Don't know about you, but I love accessories. It's an inexpensive way to update your wardrobe, or buy into a trend. Being a curvy girl, I know shopping can sometimes be a bit difficult, and what I love about accessories, is you're nearly always bound to find something! I'm a huge fan of statement necklaces, and have been known to spend a pretty penny on them. In my head, it's much better than buying a dress. If I buy a statement collar for example, I wear with it with most of my wardrobe. I could wear it over a shirt, for a classic twist, I can wear it on it's own with a strapless dress, or I can wear it to brighten up a knitted jumper. The possibilities are endless. I thought I'd do a little post on places I love to get accessories, and pick out things that would normally catchy my eye. My Favorite places to get accessories are: Primark, River Island, Topshop, Fran and Jane and Zara.

 Here are a few of my favourite accessories from Zara. Zara in my opinion have really improved on the accessory front over the last year or two. Their clutches/bags are all designer inspired and their quality is great. I love their bags, and statement necklaces! The necklaces are retail for around €30-€40 cheaper than some of their competition! I love their scarves as well, they're a great price, and they come in an array of colours. so you're bound to find something to suit you and your wallet! They always have great sales, and you can get such bargains! The sale has been on for a number of weeks now, and I saw there had some lovely bits left! Well worth a little look ;)

Untitled #29

 River Island
River Island is another store I head to when I want to get something funky. Although I do recommend scanning Penney's/Primark before you do, as sometimes they have very similar stuff, and obviously River Island a-hella-a-lot more expensive! I love their funky necklaces, floral hairbands and colorful bags! Their bags are always pretty reasonable and come there's always so much choice! Their scarves are always great quality and come in lovely patterns and colours.Their summer collection is always gorgeous, and always gets me in the mood to go somewhere nice, with gorgeous brights, florals and tropical prints.


Primark/Penney's are truly a life saver for us girls! For on trend pieces that don't break the bank to cheap as chips Jewellery. Whenever I want to update my wardrobe on the cheap I head to Penney's. I'm almost guaranteed to find a cool necklace for a fiver or a statement ring. This Summer Penney's have gorgeous stuff coming out! Loads of Neon's(yes!) and cool statement necklaces. I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on some on all the above!They have fabulous rose gold watches at the bargain price of €7, so if you're not really a watch person, but want in on the trend head to Penney's!

Untitled #30

Topshop, as y'all know is probably one of my favourite stores. I do complain about the prices, and sometimes you can be a little bit unlucky with quality of their Jewellery, but I find once you don't throw them around the gaff, the won't break on ya! They're style I find is more alternative then the above stores, but they have items to suit everyone! Before Christmas I got a gorgeous Rose gold chain necklace, which I've received so many compliments on! I love their necklaces,as they tend to mix both gold and silver into one necklace, meaning you'll have double the opportunity to wear it. I'm a bit funny and won't wear any silver jewellery if I'm wearing any gold whatsoever, even hardware on bags!

Where is your favorite place to get accessories?

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Real Techniques: Core Collection.

Every blogger and their Mother seems to be raving about these brushes, and this review isn't going to be any different. These brushes cost about €26 and are fantastic!They're great if you're a makeup novice or a makeup pro, and want great brushes at a great price. I always find it rather difficult getting good quality brushes at reasonable prices. I've found in the past the brushes that are on the lower end of the scale are either rubbish, don't apply the product properly or shed like nobody's business! I've head about Real Techniques ever since I've started blogging. I've heard nothing but really positive reviews, so I was so excited to test them out myself. This is the Core Collection, and comes with the following brushes. A Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, A Buffering Brush and a Contour Brush. All brushes are extremely soft, and I've yet to see any hairs fall out!
Buffering Brush: I actually use this for my blusher, it's a great round shape that apply my blusher evenly, and directly on the apples of my cheeks. It can be used for mineral powder, bronzer or even liquid foundations.

Contour Brush: I use this to contour my face. I use bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks to give me a more defined look. It's easy to use, and picks up a decent amount of product. It's the perfect shape for contouring and can also be used to highlight your face.
Foundation Brush: As I've currently using my MAC #187 stippling brush for my foundation, I use this to apply my primer, as it can applies the primer evenly and sparingly.

A Detailer Brush: This is perfect for either concealer or lipstick. Currently I use it for concealer. It allows you to apply concealer evenly on blemishes and allows you to have complete control on how much product you use.

Over all I loved these brushes. The quality is exceptional for the price. I definitely will be using these over and over! They may even replace my beloved MAC brushes-which by the way are still shedding! I also purchased the start set as well, which are mainly eyeshadow brushes, which are great too! I'll have review up of them up in the next couple of days! I purchased both sets in Boots Pharmacy at €25.99 each but from time to time, they have a buy one, get one half price deal so it's well worth keeping an eye out. It's so great when you get a great product as an affordable price. I think my love affair with real techniques has officially started now! <3

S xxx

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

 With the weather really taking a toll on my skin, most noticeably my face, I've needed to invest in some products, to spruce myself up again. The first thing I notice when my skin is dry, is my chin, and my lips. My chin get's awfully dry, and my lips chap all through out the Winter. There's nothing I loathe more, than having your makeup done up lovely, only to be let down by the state of your lips. After doing a little bit of research, and after asking some lovely beauty bloggers, they all pointed my in the direction of Lush Lip Scrub. Being a huge fan of Lush, I was more than eager to try it out. They are three flavours; "Popcorn","Mint Julips" and "Bubblegum" I was recommended to go for their newest scrub which is their Popcorn flavour, and now I can't imagine now using it! All you need to do is after you've taken off your makeup rub a little on your lips for a few seconds, and then lick off the excess-yes you can eat it! It tastes amazing!
Lush "Popcorn" Lip Scub
It leave your lips, extremely soft. I finish it off with some carmex, just before I go to bed, and wake up with perfectly soft, and hydrated lips.Unfortunately rumor has it, the popcorn flavor was only brought out for Christmas 2012, and won't be made a permanent fixture in the lip scrub range. Although that only gives me the opportunity to test them all out.

Has anyone else tried it out?

S xxx
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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Goals for 2013

Okay, so my blogger dashboard is bombarded with New Years Resolutions, never one to be a sheep I've decided to do something a little bit different. I'm useless at resolutions, and my whole life have never stuck to one, and mostly likely never will.  I've decided this year instead of making resolutions  I'll make a list of things I want to accomplish which for me personally will be more achievable than resolutions. I'm going to start this year as a means to go on, on a positive note. 
  • Be more positive, pessimism is one of my downfalls.
  • Actively seek my dream career.
  • Travel as much as funds will allow.
  • Say Yes, as much as possible!
  • Be more adventurous, aim to do something different at least once a week.
  • Blog as much as possible.
  • Take a cookery course, and finally learn how to feed myself!
  • Get more serious about makeup, and start a professional makeup course.
  • Ombre my hair! Closest thing to dyeing it, I'll ever get to!
  • Become healthier.
  • Read more books, and not just on holiday. 
  • Keep taking as much photograph's as possible with my new snazzy camera! 
  • Take better care of my skin.
  • Laugh as much as possible
  • Surround myself with people I love, and that love me. 
  • Be more economical, and try and not spend too much on new clothes.
  • Find a greater balance between work and play.
  • Look into more visual merchandising courses.
  • Ignore negativity, and don't let it affect me, as much as it does. 
  • Try new food, and don't be so fussy.
  • Have as much fun as possible.
  • Print off my favourite photo's and put together a photo album(s) to look back on in the future.
  • Create amazing memories, that will make 2013 stand out just as much as 2012!

S xxx
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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Year in Pictures

 Hey Lovelies,
I was thinking back last night on what an amazing year this has been for me. As I've probably mentioned before I left 2011 a little bit sad. I thought 2012, would be the same, I've never been more wrong in my life! It was possibly the best year of my life, and I really hope 2013 is just as good to me.

I was lucky enough to be taken to Miami. It was a wonderful holiday, and a gorgeous place to visit. We went for 10 days, and it was lovely to get away from the doom and gloom, that is January! We ate loads, we got loads of sun and we dropped until we dropped!It's was truly a wonderful holiday definitely one of my favorites of all time!
This little space on the internet was born! I still can't believe it's been nearly a year. I never thought how much I'd enjoy blogger or that I'd meet such wonderful friends. The opportunities I've had thanks to this blog has really been amazing, and I don't take any of it for granted :) I never knew nor understood how much, I'd enjoy writing this blog. For me it was never about "freebies" or about how many followers I got, I blogged because, I felt I'd something to say, that wasn't already been said.

March was a pretty quite month, although myself and a friend went to Paris at the end of the month, where we enjoyed three days of sightseeing and unbelievable weather. It was roasting hot. It's always nice to get away from everyday life every now and again, and got us both excited for summer! :) I really love Paris, and would love to stay there for a summer, and spruce up the 'ol french. I love nothing more than sitting in a quaint cafe, and people watch. Parisian's are probably the most stylish people ever!

April: From what I can remember, April was a rainy month! I had just gotten into the swing of blogging, when I received an email from Fabulous Magazine, as they wanted to do a feature on Plus Size Fashion Bloggers.  It was an amazing experience taking me right out of my comfort zone. Being in a national magazine in nothing more than your swim suit is a rather daunting experience, but I'm delighted I did it, and met lovely lovely people.

May:May was a pretty boring month, Fabulous Magazine came out on the 20th, and I got tons and tons of positive feedback and support from all my wonderful friends, family and readers. We had some lovely lovely weather in May, and I took every chance to chill in the garden  after work or on my days off.  I met up with friends a lot this month, and just generally chilled. I was working loads this month, but June's pay packet made it all worthwhile. People joke, that I'm a workaholic..
June: June was busy month. With my cousin's engagement, a family friend's wedding and a trip to Belfast, I seemed to always be on the go! When I visited Belfast we went to see the Titanic Mueseum which is well worth a visit if y'all are up that direction. June was also the start of BBQ season, with myself and some friends grabbing the opportunity with the nice weather at the start of the month-unlucky for us the weather didn't stay quite so pleasant the rest of the summer! I was also featured in LOOK magazine in their body issue, which was an honor, as I buy LOOK religiously every week!
July: I went on holiday's with my family to the Czech Republic in July. It's not somewhere I'd ever think to go, but I'm glad I did! It was a lovely relaxing holiday. We had a couple of days in the countryside, then we visited Prague for three days. I also braved the world in a bikini ;) I had an absolute fantastic holiday, my only regret is actually joining them for two weeks instead of one! Nothing else major to note from July really, just the post holiday blues!
August: This was a little bit of a strange month for me! I was actually contacted by Take Me Out UK, and went for an audition in Belfast at the start of the month and got shortlisted! It was something I'd never in a million years had the confidence to do before but life is too short not to have fun! In the end I decided it wasn't for me, but it was a bit of craic, and met some lovely people! I also went down to the Galway Races, which was a first for me and I had a blast!
September: I graduated from University College Dublin! It was a great day, and couldn't of been happier. I also visited London, and meet up with some lovely blogger friends. The weather was lovely that weekend, and I had an absolute blast, I'm heading back in February and I'm so excited already! I went to see Dara O'Briain in Vicar St towards the end of the month, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my first ever comedy gig, and was laughing from start to finish.
October: Okay October was another busy month. I saw Cheryl Cole in concert, I went to Galway with some friends and it was of course Halloween! Halloween is definitely my favourite time of the year, the days becoming much shorter, wrapping up all cosy in your new Winter coat and now having an excuse to get that delicious cookie hot chocolate!Work this month was hectic! Thankfully, I managed to balance out work and play as best I could this month! Otherwise I'd of gone insane! Sometimes I work so much, that I forget I've a life too!
November: It was my Birthday this month whooop! I turned 23, which at first I was a bit daunted by, but I had a great few days of celebration, and it was made special by my lovely friends. I also went to Birmingham for a meeting, for exciting things in the New Year! I can't wait to be able to share it with you :) November was bitterly cold, and I wrapped up warm in my new tartan coat, my parents got me for my Birthday :)November for me flew by!
December: A VERY busy month, with working in retail, you never get a quiet moment during December. I had a few lovely days off going out for dinner with friends, doing Christmas shopping, celebrating friends birthdays! I also had my first ever official bloggers meet up, and met some lovely Irish bloggers! It's such a nice community, and everyone is so supportive of each other. I had a lovely Christmas even though I was a bit under the weather, but had a lovely day with the family!
Phew, what a hectic year! Hope you guys enjoyed this post <3

I hope you all have a wonderful 2013, filled with happiness, love & prosperity.

S xxx
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Christmas Day Outfit

Dress&Hat:River Island, Bag&Necklace:FranandJane

Hey Lovelies!

Firstly I want to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Years. I hope 2013 is extremely good to you :) Okay a week late I know, but I've been choking with the flu for the past week. I'm on the mend now, which is a good thing as I'm back to reality tomorrow! I got this gorgeous hat off my Santa, it's so warm and fuzzy, and I've pretty much worn it to death the past week. For Christmas day I wore my baroque style dress with black tights and my plain black wedges. I opted for this dress as it's comfy, and for Christmas Day especially you want to be as comfy as possible. The dress is quite short so I did have to pair it with thick opaque tights from Marks and Spencer, which by the way are the best tights ever! I had a lovely Christmas Day, eating a delicious meal cooked by my cousin Jack, and then off home to watch movies and eat my selection box in my Jammies. Santa was extremely good to me and left a NikonD3100 under the tree, along with a few books, D&G perfume,MAC Lippy, scary movies and some bath sets! I was spoilt :)

I've a round up of my 2012 blog post coming your way shortly! 

S xxx
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