Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Live Unlimited For Walis

I've exciting news for you lovelies! Wallis now stock a selection of Plus Sizes. They've teamed up with Live Unlimited and brought you a funky collection full of gorgeous colours, prints and my favourite black in sizes 16-24! There really isn't anything more Chic than a good fitting black top and skinny pants- in my opinion anyway. Yesterday was a busy, busy day and I wanted to loose and feel good and I knew exactly what I was going to wear.

Top*: Wallis

It's a really simple outfit. I loved the way it was styled on the website and decided to be a copycat. I'm wearing a size 16 in both the leggings and the top and they're true to size. The top is slightly oversized and the leggings are nice and stretchy but still hold you in nicely. I love the slits in the arms and would love just as nice on a night out as it does during the day. To complete the look I paired it with a statement necklace in grey tones to keep the look chic and sophisticated. I'm really loving this look at the moment and already planning on wearing it again over the weekend. Wallis wasn't a store I shopped at regularly, but whenever I did I always came out with some lovely bits and I'm delighted I've had another great experience. I've another gorgeous piece to show you later on in the week, so keep an eye out! 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Drink Champagne Save Water

 T-shirt*:Camden Town
Jacket:River Island 

Drink Champagne, Save Water is a motto I'm going to have to live by as if you live in Ireland you'll know all about the new water charges that have recently come in! It's such a cute T-Shirt. I'm wearing the size L which would translate into a size 14/16. It's true to size and is nice and comfortable. You can tell I'm getting old when I'm mentioning how comfortable clothing is. (25 on the 8th of November, but ssssh) I paired it with my Elvi trousers which are so incredibly comfortable albeit a little long but I just roll them up! I pair it with black heels, which aren't too uncomfortable. As it's so bloody cold now I wore my new pleather Jacket the world and it's Mother seems to have at the moment. I haven't seen too many with the pink fur though, which I'm pleased about. You can take it off either which is great. I love how it matches my hair. I sized down to a size 14 in this as the 16 was swimming on me, especially in the sleeves. It's definitely a big fit if anyone is ordering one online! To complete the luck I rocked my trusty RayBans and my chain detail Fran&Jane Bag.