Sunday, 20 April 2014

Plus Size Bikini's

Before y'all think I've lost the plot I'm just letting you know I haven't. Yes it's April and Summer for most of us is still a long way away, but that doesn't mean we can't start preparing. All the pretty bikini's will be gone come Summer and then what will you do? I've been sourcing the internet to show you gals the best place to buy plus size bikini's and I've also bought a few for myself along the way...
Forever21 Plus Size bikini's
By far the plus size range from Forever21 have knocked the competition out of the water in terms of styles and price points. For the amount of times you wear a bikini (Maximum 3 weeks out of the year, for us UK and Irish gals) you don't want to spend a fortune. All these bikini's range in and around €30 which is an absolute bargain. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you're bound to find one that suits you down to the ground! I'm a huge fan of the Tropical Print and the Aztec Print Bikini and can't wait to rock them on my holiday's wherever I'll end up this year. Shipping from Forever21 is about €6 but it's free on orders over €50 so all the more incentive to buy two. All of the pants are high-waisted so if you're tummy conscious like myself you'll be comfortable and confident on the beach this year.
Untitled #93
For the poolside I like to dress up my Bikini. The easiest and most versatile way is to add a Kimono. I love this one from River Island. It's perfect not only for poolside but you can throw it on over a plain white skater dress, add loads of jewellery and you're set for the bar. Summer time is the time of year when you're allowed to introduce as much colour as possible, and I love adding vibrant greens, blues and pinks to my look. I'm a huge fan of Hipenema bracelet's as they look like loads of little bracelets but they're all intertwined, so it's little hassle for you. Now I know they're not cheap but there's loads of dupes on the market. My all time favourite bikini is my black high waisted one. This one from Forever21+ is fab. It's classic and sophisticated and it will never go out of fashion. Instead of moldy flip flops(I hate them with a passion) I like to rock jewelled Sandals. These ones are especially gorgeous! Keep an eye out in Penney's now for all the gorgeous Sandals, as come the end of next month there won't be a decent sandal in sight! 
Asos Curve Bikini
Asos Curve is a firm favourite and this year they've an array of swimwear for us to choose from. A lot of it is on sale now actually, so it's well worth a look if you're on the lookout for some inexpensive pieces. They're not as highwasited as Forever21 but if they're still giving you Plus Size girls the option to rock a bikini on the beach which is great! Sure once you're confident in yourself you can wear whatever you want on the beach, right? They've loads of fun prints as well as solid colours, I especially love the classic black- very bond girl! A lot of them have underwire in the cups so if you've bigger boobs like me you'll feel a bit more supported on the beach. Over all they've great colours and a wider size range than Forever21, as well as being able to buy a separate top and bottom so you get the perfect fit!. If you've bigger boobs I recommend sizing up!

Untitled #94
This is a more relaxed look. On holiday's you don't want to be fussing over what to wear. I think a loose Black or White T-shirt over your bikini along with a necklace looks just as stylish as the kimono look. It's effortless and causal and you can relax whatever you're doing. Make sure the T-shirt is over-sized to make it more of a cover up than a top. I like to double up Gold Ghetto chains to make the necklace longer and more funky. Plus it's easier to whip off when you're sunbathing or taking a dip in the water. Like the other outfit inspiration I've gone with these jewelled Sandals, as they definitely add a bit of bling to the outfit. I love this Asos Curve bikini. The pants aren't as high-waisted, but who cares? you'll get your tummy nice and tanned! Unfortunately most sizes are sold out, but they've loads of similar styles on their website!

I hope this post has got you all in the mood for Summer! I for once can't wait. I'll be linking cute bikini's as I find them on my Facebook Page, so keep and eye out! 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coolbawn, Co. Tipperary

My favourite place in the world.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jileon Wide Calf Welly Review

Sorry again for my absence, I'm still alive though I just haven't been on social media for awhile. I'm still sick (and will be begrudgingly going to the Doctor tomorrow if I'm still not better) so I haven't been doing anything exciting. I've a few days off so I fully plan on resting and getting back to normal and blogging on a daily basis! It will be back to normal when I feel a little more normal ;)
Yesterday I popped down to my Nan and Grandad's and had a blast. It's so lovely down in Tipperary this time of year and I took loads of pictures on my cycle yesterday evening, which I'll share with you tomorrow. You'll see for yourself how beautiful and serene Tipperary is, and you'll realise why I love it so much!  I hadn't been down in nearly a month and missed it, so I was glad to relax in the country for a night. I took this opportunity as well to show you my amazing new Wellies from Jileon. I've had these wellies for nearly a month now and have been itching to give them a go, but being honest I don't need them in Dublin. They've come just in time though, as the last time I was down I ruined a new pair of pumps by accidentally walking through a pile of muck! In the end they were only fit for the bin so I'm glad now I've adequate footwear!

Finding comfortable wellies is a bit of a nightmare when you've a larger calf, so when I got the chance to test these wellies from Jileon I jumped at the chance! I choose these gorgeous Floral Print Wellies*. I have tons of room in these babies, and my calves are just a little bit too big for their standard wellies, so if you've larger calves rest assured these will fit you with ease. They're extremely easy to wear and to expand and are so comfy to wear, especially worn with these amazing Welly Socks* I could honestly walk miles in them! As I was in the country I also tested them out and they're 100% water and muck proof so they don't just look pretty on! Now I know I don't have any need for wellies as I'm a city girl but these wellies would be perfect for any Summer festivals or camping trips. Most of the wider calf wellies aren't exactly pretty but with Jileon you've loads of different designs to choose from. Over all I would 100% recommend Jileon Wellies and will definitely be picking up another pair in the hopes I'll get to Electric Picnic this year!

I also have a sneaky discount code for you all! Enter in FFB20 at the checkout before April 21st to get 20% off your order!